How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Cost? Price of Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cat Price

Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds known to man, but their origin is still not confirmed. They were thought to be from Abyssinia or modern-day Ethiopia, but genetic research indicates that they are related to felines from Asia and India. They also resemble cats in Egyptian paintings, and they adored cats, so this is one spoiled kitty. Wherever this cat came from, it’s here to stay as one of the most popular cats in the world. They are incredibly gorgeous, with alert and expressive eyes and a medium-sized, muscular body. They have a unique feline look and a personality to match.

The price of Abyssinian cats can go from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the place where you get the cat and the breeder. They come in various colors but with a distinctive pattern on the coat, with darker tips and lighter undercoat and body. The cream-colored Abyssinian cat can cost up to $3,000 but they are rare.

Abyssinian cat is a famous jumper because its hind legs allow it to jump distances six-time its size. They are very active and playful but don’t like to be held, so children are not their best friends. They are very smart, one of the most intelligent breeds out here, and at the same time not too demanding. A perfect family pet for those who have older children. They have a short coat and plush undercoat, but they are not too hard to groom. A weekly brushing would be enough because they shed moderately.

Abyssinian Cats Price

1. Breeders

  • Price: $1,000 – $2,500

Like most purebred cats it is advised to get Abyssinian cats from a licensed and well-known breeder. There are a couple of reasons why:

Popularity: Popular cat breeds lead to over-production of the cats and with that, a lot of suspicious and irresponsible breeders appear. This on the other hand increases the chances for hereditary diseases, because people don’t pay enough attention to the genetic pool.

Health issues: Licensed and high-quality breeders will notice and eliminate any possible genetic flaw and illness. This will ensure that your kitten is healthy and long-living. They would systematically mate and combine cats for the best outcome.

Socialization: A good breeder will not separate a kitten from its mother too early just for the money. Also, they are not kept in cages and learn how to cope with people and other animals from their mothers and breeders. This will prevent future behavioral problems.

The cost for one Abyssinian kitten goes from $1,000 to $2,500 or even more, but for that amount of money you will get a purebred, healthy feline that is vaccinated and tested for various issues. Sometimes, their prized kittens are also spayed and neutered, because breeding them further is not allowed. This breed is unique in every way possible and the sheer look of it will attract many. They are affectionate if you respect their boundaries and generally a pretty healthy breed.

Ongoing costs for Abyssinian cats

1. Physical exercise costs:

  • Cost: Up to $400 one time cost

Abyssinians are very elegant-looking but at the same time very active and agile. They are especially good jumpers and love to entertain. They are certainly not a lap-cat, because their intelligence and energy don’t allow them to sit still.

To maintain their body and mind healthy, you will need to provide them with proper amusement and physical exercise. They are highly trainable, so investing in fetching toys can be beneficial for both of you. Something small like cat balls, toy fishes, or a mouse will cost you around $10 but your cat will be entertained for a bit.

Abyssinian cats love to climb and jump to and from high places, so if you don’t want your Abyssinian to “surf” on your counters, make sure to provide a cat tree tall enough. The tree for your Abyssinian cats can cost up to $400 for more detailed designs. But it will make your cat feel secure and in control of the household.

2. Toiletry costs:

  • Up to $250 annually

Abyssinian feline is generally a healthy breed, and yet they are prone to several conditions, including gingivitis. This can lead to gum irritation and teeth can be compromised, so you must regularly brush their teeth at least a few times per week.

For cleaning the teeth and mouth, you have a variety of products, from wipes, toys to full-on brushes and toothpaste designed especially for cats. A set of a brush and paste will cost around $15 and toys that clean teeth are around $5.

To the toiletry list, you can add a litter box that costs from $5 to $100 and the actual litter cost for your Abyssinian cats will cost $72 to $250 annually. Abyssinian are trainable, thus they can do their business outside, but they are too brave and fearsome, so they will not run from danger. This is why it’s recommended that you keep them inside and safe.

3. Other costs:

Abyssinians are dog-like and enjoy the company of other animals and humans. They are not doing well alone so it is advised to make sure they have some company when you are not around. They even accommodate well with big parrots and other animals, so think about your options.

Consider getting another pet to make each other company and if you don’t have the budget for another Abyssinian, then get a friendly dog. Even though they love humans the best, they tend to form relations with family only, so paying a cat-sitter is not an option.

Abyssinian feline is one of a kind and possibly the oldest cat breed in the world. Their beauty is breathtaking and elegance follows where ever they go. They can be pretty demanding and vocal while following you around and ask for attention.

They were never bred to be lap cats, rather a magnificent creature admired from afar as if they got used to worshiping in ancient Egypt. They are agile and playful, but most of all they are affectionate and loving family members. Their strong, muscular body and good health will keep your friend by your side for many years to come.


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