10 Must-Have Accessories for a Dachshund Puppy 

accessories for dachshund puppy

New parents of a Dachshund pup or a pup from any other breed for that matter, often find themselves looking for the best ways to keep their fur baby happy and healthy. To top that, the myriad of resources saying different things add more to this stress. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, sit down in a quiet corner and ask: What does a dog need? The answer comes to you naturally, and it is this simple: A lot of love with a few basics supplies. We understand how even those little things may cause you to panic and think deeply about the many daunting questions regarding the well-being of your pup. We have, therefore, come up with a list of essential or must-have accessories for your Dachshund puppy. 

The Dog Den

Before you bring your Dachshund home, a crate is the first and the most important thing that should make to the shopping list. This step is important because dogs are den animals, and they feel most secure when they have an enclosed, familiar place to retire to, every once in a while. Make sure you get a crate in which your pooch can easily turn around. This crate is perfect for dachshund dogs.

The Bed

You will need a soft and comfy bed on which your pooch can rest and sleep when he is tired. As your Dachshund grows you, you will need multiple beds to keep in different areas of your house. For some reason, they like to sleep in different places and corners of the house. Our recommendation of a bed perfect for dachshund hound would be this one.

Dog Treats

The best you can do is finding a treat that satisfies all the following requirements: 

  • Does your dog like it or not? 
  • How affordable is it? 
  • Does your vet recommend it? 
  • Is it nutritionally complete? 

Remember not to over-feed your Dachshund with treats, even if they are healthy.

Leash (or lead)

Considering their built, Dachshunds must be kept on a leash when near traffic or in any unenclosed area. Safety comes first for your fur baby. Four-foot lengths are suitable for new puppies and a 6-foot length for when they get older. Or, you can also get a retractable leash, which is a very long leash that retracts into a plastic case with a handle. Retractable leashes are great for walks in parks, forests, or other natural areas where your inquisitive pet will enjoy the sniffing escapade. 

Collar or Harness

Harnesses are suitable for Dachshunds because it curbs the risk of pulling on your pet’s neck. Although leaving it on for a long time can rub away at your dog’s coat. Collars, on the other hand, give you a little more control, and some dogs seem to prefer them. But collars can be harmful if the pup pulls it while on a walk. 

I would suggest using a harness when your pooch is a puppy. Later on, as he grows up gets used to being on a leash, you can switch to a collar.

Food and water bowls

A bowl of any style will do, as long as it’s unbreakable and heavy enough so that your fur baby doesn’t keep knocking it over while trying to eat. Weighted bowls, ceramic bowls, and metal bowls are good choices. Avoid plastic bowls because these can harbor bacteria and even lead to skin infections. Our recommendation would be this stainless steel bowl with a rubber bottom, which stops the bowl from moving around.

Grooming and Toiletries

Shampoo: Even if you don’t use it very often (you don’t need to bathe a smooth hair unless your pup gets really dirty), you should have shampoo for those times when you need it. This shampoo is perfect for puppies.

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Brushing your dog’s teeth is essential for maintaining dental health. Brushing keeps tartar buildup under control—our recommendation. Furthermore, tooth decay and bacteria in your dog’s mouth can even lead to heart diseases and other serious health problems, especially as they age. 

Nail clippers: Buying clippers made for dogs, not for humans, is the next important step. A dog with long nails is prone to foot injuries. Long nails on hard surfaces mean stretched footpads, which means difficulty in walking. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed with a pair of clippers. Your vet can show you how to clip. You can also have it done professionally once every four to eight weeks. 

Brush and comb: An excellent natural bristle brush and a steel comb work for all coat types. Also, your Dachshunds specific grooming needs to depend on what coat she has. 

Pet stain and odor remover: Your dog’s olfactory senses and its memory are perfectly synchronized. This is the reason why, if accidents happen and your dog smells a previous mistake on your carpet, the same accidents will keep happening. Most pet products will remove the scent of the doings of the past. Enquire from your local pet store employee what brand will suit best to your needs while keeping your pup safe. 

Pet gate

Pet gates are synonymous with Baby gates. A pet gate is necessary in case you have rooms where your Dachshund isn’t allowed or staircases that you want to keep her from descending or climbing. 


Dachshunds just want to have fun, and like all dogs, they need toys. Play is a puppy’s work and how she learns about the world. Take note of examples provided as under, and you could try making or buying similar toys for your Dachshund: 

  • Pick something hard and appealing to chew on, for instance, a hard rubber Kong toy. The Kong toys have holes you can fill with dog treats or other attractive things, keeping your Dachshund busy all day while she tries to get the treat out of the Kong.
  • Try giving something to chew on, like a Nylabone or Gummabone chew toy. 
  • Get a toy that’s soft, like a made-for-dogs fleece toy. Chances of your Dachshund probably shredding it and pulling out all the stuffing are high; she’ll, nevertheless, have fun doing it. 
  • You could also get the classic and benevolent ball or any other object to chase if your pup enjoys chasing or retrieving. 

Note: Take care that no parts of dolls or stuffed animals with plastic parts come off accidentally. This can pose a choking hazard.

Puppy training pads

Training your pup is a daunting task, but ample aid is available to make your work easy. When it comes to training pads, some people like to use pre-scented puppy pads. These pads encourage a Dachshund to go on them rather than the carpet or any other more attractive spot in the house. 

That said, not every dog responds to these pads similarly. You’re in for great luck if the pads work for your puppy as they can prove to be of immense help while housetraining. It might seem that nothing you do is quite enough, but baby steps and a little attention will help a long way.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your pup is akin to caring for a human baby (sometimes even more demanding but absolute fun). Those silent, convincing eyes and their overall behavior speak volumes without words or cries. Most of the time, pup care may appear overwhelming. However, a dash of patience with perseverance will keep your Dachshund happy and healthy. For everything else, there’s always your trusted vet to count on and seek professional advice. 

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