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Bengal Cat Price

This wild-looking beauty has more than just a resemblance to the Asian leopard cat, it’s her close relative. Originated from this wild breed, Bengal cats are still forbidden in some countries and the rest insist that there are at least four generations between the Asian cat and domesticated Bengal cat, to be considered as a household pet. Even though they are domesticated, this hybrid has very much stayed wild cat and will be a handful to take care of.

Before even thinking about getting a Bengal cat, check the local laws and make sure that it is legal to have one. If your law allows you to have it, the next step is finding a good breeder who knows this breed and all that comes with it. Bengal cats are still rare and expensive, so the price of Bengal Cat ranges from $300 to $3,500.

Bengal feline is the Rolls-Royce of cats and comes fully equipped with an amazing look, silky and glistening coat, and intelligence to follow. Their character remained wild and their need for hunt and stimulation is very obvious. This can represent a challenge because you have to make sure your feline friend is not bored otherwise they can become mischievous and destructive.

Price of Bengal Cats

1. Breeders

  • Cost: $300 – $3,500

Bengal cats are a new and popular breed that captivated our attention with beautiful markings and unique personality. They are smart and active, always on a hunt, and love to play. For some people, they can be overwhelming because their nature and energy give them the drive all day, but they are loyal and loving members of a family.

Bengal Cat kittens will come with a price of $300 to $3,500 or even more, depending on the breeder, location, and other factors. There are even color variations called snow and silver, but they are still extremely rare and cost even more. Bengal cats are a descendent of an Asian wild cat, and if you buy one make sure there are at least four generations apart.

Getting your cats, especially purebred ones, is a big expense and responsibility, so be careful. Always opt for a licensed breeder, even though the cat might be more expensive. This way, you are sure about the lineage, health, and all the other concerns you might have. As beautiful as they are, they are also a lot to handle.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs for Bengal cats

1. Physical exercise costs

  • Cost: Up to $500 one time cost

Bengal cats are very agile and strong, medium-sized but extremely active. They take a playful cat character to another level because they demand attention and activity all day long. If they for some reason feel bored they can and will become destructive, open all draws and destroy furniture. To avoid this behavior, you will need:

A cat tree: Since they have the urge to climb and be in tall places, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy and intricate cat tree. A tree for your Bengal cats can cost you up to $400 and that may seem a lot, but this will provide a safe place for your feline and hopefully save your furniture as well.

Tricks and treats: Bengal cats are highly intelligent and you can use that to your advantage because they respond well to training. They can learn tricks and this will occupy their wild mind enough and spend some extra energy. You can use a clicker that cost around $4 made for dog training and combine it with treats, for optimal results.

Toys and entertainment: If you want your Bengal cat to be on its best behavior and your house safe from destruction, you have to invest in some high-quality toys. Bengals prefer to play interactive games with you, rather than by themselves. So anything that moves and can be chased around is a good choice, these toys can come in various sizes and shapes, and depending on that the cost will be from $5 to $30.

2. Vet costs:

  • Cost: Over $50 for basic checkup

Newer cat breeds are usually the healthiest ones because of the gene pool and the fact that they are still not over-produced. The more popular the breed is, the more irresponsible breeders appear and thus more health problems that are hereditary. The cost for your Bengal cats going to the vet is around $50 – $100 for a basic checkup.

The Bengal cat is a healthy breed, so much so that this is the only breed immune to feline leukemia, and studying them can resolve many problems in that area. They are especially sensitive to anesthesia so in case they need to go under one, make sure to find a vet that knows this breed. Other than that they can develop:

Progressive retinal atrophy: this is a degenerative disease that affects the eyes of a cat, leading to losing sight or total blindness.

Joint issues: Because of their active lifestyle, like any athlete, this cat can develop problems with joints and hips.

With every regular vet check-up costing over $50 for the basic treatment, not including vaccinations, flea repellants, deworming, and other costs, it can be a cheaper option to have pet insurance. This will cost you from $10 to $40 per month, but all expenses are covered.

3. Grooming costs:

  • Costs: $6 – $50 a year if you do it by yourself

There is something cheap and easy when it comes to owning a Bengal cat, and that is grooming. They can pretty much do all the work for you because they are exceptional self-cleaners and their soft, silky short hair doesn’t need much attention.

Bengal feline loves water and will often play with it, or even join owners in the shower. This means that taking a bath will be simple and appreciated, you just need a good shampoo that costs from $6 to $20 and you are good to go. Each year, you will need around $6 – $50 to cover the cost of grooming your Bengal cats.


So, before getting your new best friend, do your homework. Bengals are new and beautiful breed that can be a demanding pet to own. They are full of energy and can become destructive if not spent properly. They are territorial and don’t go well with other cats, but they love children and have much-needed patience with them. They can be illegal in some states, so make sure not to break any laws. Besides that, you will get one wild-looking, loyal and tireless feline that will love and protect you. If you are an experienced cat owner, then Bengal can be the right choice for you.

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