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Are you looking for a loving family dog to bring home? The Bernedoodle is a perfect fit for what you’re looking for. Not a true dog breed by any means, but rather a hybrid between two purebred dogs. Mixed 50/50 between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. The puppies of these two purebred dogs will produce first-generation Bernedoodles.

Bernedoodles can come in 3 different sizes from small, medium, and large. Their hair may be tightly curled like the Poodle or mostly straight like the Bernese Mountain Dog. They can also have a mixture between the two hair coats and come out with thick wavy hair. The Bernedoodle can either shed very little or not shed at all and be hypoallergenic like a Poodle.

Bernedoodles are solely bred to be companion dogs. They love people excessively and do well with children. They are very mild-tempered dogs and have sweet kind demeanors with people of all ages. Their trainability is very high but you may encounter a little stubbornness from pups that exhibit more of the Bernese Mountain Dog traits in them. Bernedoodles aren’t much for protection, work, or herding, but they make wonderful companions. They do well with being service dogs for those with PTSD that require emotional support.

Bernedoodles aren’t as common as other Poodle hybrids, but breeders can be found through an online search. If you want a sweet kind dog that will make your heart melt, then a Bernedoodle is right up your aisle. Bernedoodles aren’t the most common of dogs, so plan to spend a premium for this hybrid dog. The price of Bernedoodle puppies is around $4500 from a reputable breeder.

Bernedoodle Price by Source

1. Specialized Breeder

  • Price: $3000 – $6000

Bernedoodle breeders are not very common. Bernedoodles aren’t a breed, so it takes a breeder keeping purebred Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Many breeders specialize in one breed, so for a breeder to keep two different breeds isn’t the most common way to kennel dogs.

Many breeders test their breeding dogs for deadly diseases and genetic issues to ensure the offspring hybrid will be healthier than their parents. By mixing two purebreds the strongest genes will pull through the gene line and this is what causes the animal to experience hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is the improvement of crossbreeding, which helps to push out recessive genetic defect issues in the bloodlines.

Due to the measures breeders half to take and the amount of work it takes to produce a healthy litter of Bernedoodles, the price of Bernedoodles from a breeder will be $3500-$6000.

2. Friends or Family

  • Price: $0 – $500

Bernedoodles are very expensive dogs, but you may find one closer than you think. You may find a friend or family member looking to rehome their Bernedoodle, due to a life-changing event, divorce, death, or job change. Regardless of the situation, you may be able to get a Bernedoodle free of charge.

Bernedoodles are bred for companionship, so they will bond with a new owner quickly. They make a good family dog and are easygoing.

3. Private Nonprofit Rescue Group

  • Price: $100 – $300

Private nonprofit rescue groups have a focus on rescuing animals in need. Many animals that come into these rescue groups are from owners who have been forced to give up their dog, in one way or another. Many times things happen in people’s lives and they just can’t keep their dog(s) anymore. This is where private nonprofit rescue groups can help take possession of the animal and help get them into a new home. These groups don’t put the dogs to sleep, but rather they search and find them new loving homes.

Call and get into contact with these groups in your area. You can tell them the type of dog you’re searching for and they may be able to find a Bernedoodle in the area or out of the area who needs a new home.

If you can get a Bernedoodle from a private nonprofit rescue group you will need to pay a rescue or placement fee. Private nonprofit rescue groups only charge a fee for their dogs, because they use their own money to take care of rescued dogs. Many times, Bernedoodles will cost around $300, which is a rescue or placement fee. Your rescue fee money will be used to save other dogs in need.

Ongoing Monthly Cost of Bernedoodles

1. Grooming

  • Price: $400 a year

Bernedoodles can have three different kinds of coats, which are a result of their hybrid breeding. They can have a tight kinky curly coat like a Poodle, which will make them hypoallergenic. A Bernedoodle with a curly Poodle coat will need to be brushed regularly and bathed to keep them clean.

A tight curly coat that is not maintained by an owner can become matted and cause stress to the dog. A matted coat can also cause health problems such as skin infections, stress to the immune system, and harbor deadly ticks and fleas. Matted coats are a welcoming home for lice and mites as well. It is very important to stay on top of grooming to keep your pup healthy.

Bernedoodles do not shed or shed very little, so it’s very important to keep them maintained. Bernedoodles can have a wavy hair coat as well as very long thick hair coats like the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain dogs are double-coated and shed twice a year. Their topcoat is thick and long and their undercoat is wooly. During shedding season it’s recommended to brush them out daily to help release the dead hair from their coats. If they are neglected their coats can become unhealthy and not function properly as a double coat.

Regardless of the type of coat your Bernedoodle has, you’ll need to spend time grooming them. By taking the time to groom them properly it will keep your dog healthy and prevent skin infections or stress. You may also want to hire a groomer for your Bernedoodle if they have a Poodle coat, because from time to time it will need to be clipped in some places to keep it from matting up, due to the tight curls.

Professional grooming for a Bernedoodle will cost you around $100 per appointment. On average, a Bernedoodle is professionally groomed 4 times a year, so it will cost you $400 annually to groom a Bernedoodle.

2. Dog Daycare

  • Price: $12 – $18 an hour

Bernedoodles are very close with their humans and can easily become upset and depressed when left alone for too long. Just a few hours left alone can depress the Bernedoodle. Dog daycare is recommended by many Bernedoodle owners and specialized breeders.

Dog Daycare is a great way to keep your pup engaged with people, other dogs, and activities to prevent loneliness. Dog daycare can provide games, activities, healthy treats, and plenty of exercises to keep a Bernedoodle’s playful people-oriented temperament in check. Taking your dog to a dog daycare center will ensure they’re having fun while you’re working.

Dog daycare will cost a decent amount of money if you plan to give your pup a great day. Cost to take your Bernedoodles to dog care range around $12-$38 an hour, but if you plan to cut that cost down and take your dog all month long the price will be around $200-$550 per month.

3. Health Care/Vet

  • Price: $50 per ordinary visit

Most people would think a Bernedoodle would have many health issues since it is a designer hybrid dog. That kind of thinking though couldn’t be further from the truth. Bernedoodles are a hybrid dog, rather than an actually breed. Hybrids aren’t considered a breed because they have mixed genes, rather than purebred genes which will produce the same consistent outcome when bred. Many recessive genes that cause health issues in purebred dogs aren’t passed on most times when the gene lines are crossed. This crossing allows for many of the healthy dominant genes to come through the gene pool creating healthier offspring.

Bernedoodles don’t suffer from as many health issues as many purebred dogs do, since they experience hybrid vigor due to gene pool diversity. On average for monthly preventatives, you’ll pay typically $50 at the vets office.


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