Best Dog Food for Pomeranian Puppy in India

Pomeranian puppy sitting on grass

Pomeranians are smart, social, and active dogs with a playful personality. Their body demands a high-nutritional diet. Food plays a vital role in a dog’s health and development, especially when they are a puppy. Being a responsible dog parent, I am sure you want to feed the best dog food to your cute little pomeranian. Indian market is flooded with various types of dog food, and it can be a drag to find the best one for your pooch. To make things easy for you, I have listed the five best dog food for pomeranian puppy in India. I have also added a buyer’s guide to help you select the best food yourself.

Buyer’s Guide

This is an essential buyer’s guide. If you have been thinking of buying any dog food for your pomeranian, this is the first thing you want to read. This will give you a decent idea about what to look for in a good quality dog food for a pomeranian.

To easily find out which ingredients are suitable for your pomeranian and which are not, I have divided the nutritional contents present in every dog food into three parts.

The Basics of Nutritional Content

There are a total of three nutritional types registered on the label, and this will tell you how much should be the content of each of the nutrients.

Protein: Even being a small size dog, Pomeranians are considered as a very active and energetic breed. Our little fluffy friend always likes to run, play, and exercise, and they often need energy from food to keep them energetic. Small dogs like pomeranian prefer a diet high in protein but don’t feed them this high protein diet too early because it can lead to diarrhea and canine flatulence.

Fiber: If you are considering buying a pomeranian, then avoid buying dog food with high fiber content. How to find out that the product has high fiber content or not? It’s simple if the product you’re buying has a red flag anywhere on the packaging, then it has a high fiber content. Please avoid buying food with a red flag because it can indicate the existence of fillers. To be more aware of the contents of the food, you can check the ingredients list.

Fat: Having fats in dog food is a good thing but to a certain extent. Pomeranians are prone to gain weight, and they have even higher chances of obesity than other dog breeds. You might be wondering how? Even after being one of the active breeds, how are they prone to obesity? Well, the answer is because of their ancestors. Pomeranian is a big breed and later was bred down to toy breed, we’re assuming they didn’t keep up with the change that well. You would also think that our little friends would burn all their extra calories, but they often do not.

Pomeranians have a higher than the average of 54% obesity score, and it’s not that much of a risk. This clearly indicates that there is no need to put your pomeranian to an extremely slim diet. Just supervise your dog’s weight and keep changing brands if your pomeranian is gaining weight.

Top 5 Best Food for Pomeranian Puppy in India

Note: It is always advised to consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s food.

1. Orijen Puppy Food

With an undoubted reputation of more than a decade, Orijen is awarded to making the best dog food in the world and has always been the first choice among pet parents and vet nutritionists.

Orijen’s puppy food is easily available anywhere in the market. Orijen has its own kitchen in Canada, and all the meat used is 100% fresh and natural. The product contains 85% quality animal ingredients and 15% vegetables and fruit. This puppy food contains a healthy list of ingredients such as:


  • Whole herring
  • Chicken cartilage
  • Whole eggs and chicken meat
  • Boneless walleye
  • Herring meal
  • Whole salmon
  • Boneless chicken
  • Boneless turkey
  • Fresh carrots
  • Marshmallow root


  • All the ingredients used in this product are 100% fresh and natural. Also, the ingredients provide a reasonable amount of proteins that are important for the muscle growth of your little puppy.
  • This product is high in protein, and that makes it a perfect dog food for our little pomeranian.
  • Orijen has its own self equipped and custom-built kitchen in Canada, and it has been professionally verified as a well-managed kitchen.
  • Orijen offers the incomparable best meat that naturally provides what your dog needs, and none of the ingredients include artificial coloring, flavoring, or added nutrients.
  • This product also contains a whole prey diet.
  • Also, being infused with kibble, it has a very creamy taste, which makes it healthy and tasty as well.
  • This dog food is high in DHA, and that helps to develop the vision and support the brain of your pup.


  • Being the No.1 dog food brand, it is a little expensive but worth buying.

This dog food hands down deserves the spot of no. 1 on this list, and I would personally recommend this brand since it is easy to chew and digest for any breed, and It is suitable for any dog age.

You can buy it from Amazon.

2. Acana Puppy Small Breed

There was no way this dog food will not be on this list. Acana is the sister brand of Orijen and also an award-winning company. Acana dog foods are made by Champion Petfoods, which has been awarded as the Manufacturer of the Year of that particular region. Champion Petfoods has managed to maintain its reputation of 45 years till now. Just like Orijen, acana has its own self-equipped and award-winning kitchen based in Canada.

All the dog food products of Champion Petfoods are available everywhere in India. Let’s have a look at its Ingredients:


  • deboned chicken
  • whole Burbank potato
  • herring oil
  • deboned flounder
  • chicken liver
  • Chicken meal
  • Vitamins and Minerals

If you’re looking for a more healthy diet than I would prefer Orijen over this since that food product includes more healthy ingredients.


  • This dog food contains natural fibers, and small breeds like pomeranian can easily digest such food.
  • Primary ingredients in this product are animal-based meat.
  • All the meat nutrients used are in their best natural form.
  • Being infused with freeze-dried liver, It is not only healthy but also delicious in taste.
  • It is readily available anywhere in India, and it is specially made for small breeds like a pomeranian.


  • This product contains a higher proportion of crude protein.
  • Being an award-winning brand, It is a little expensive.

You can Buy it from Amazon.

3. Taste of the Wild Dry Puppy Food

Taste of the wild is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in India. It has been only 13 years, and it has already acquired the top spot as a dog food seller. This brand is famous for its taste among the dogs. The mixture of both roasted venison and roasted bison makes this the most delicious dog food. It is the taste that will make your dog crave for more.

Being both healthy and equally delicious has made this product reach this list. If you’re looking for more healthy food, you can prefer Orijen or acana.


  • Since the food has small-sized kibble, It becomes easier for small breeds like a pomeranian to chew.
  • Having a crunchy texture helps to keep the teeth clean.
  • The product has species-Specific Probiotics that helps to support immune and digestive systems.
  • It is high in DHA to help support vision and brain development in Puppies.
  • It contains Antioxidants
  • It also contains a prebiotic fiber, which is chicory root, and it is beneficial in improving digestion.


  • The crude protein quantity in this product is higher than usual.

You can buy it from Amazon.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s science diet is considered as one of the oldest dog food brands. It was formed in the year 1939. The first preference of Hill’s science has always been the health of the dog and to maintain that they created the healthiest dog food, which in no means can harm your dog. They even have their own pet nutrition center in the USA.

Hill’s science has a broad range of foods, and they have specially created many dog foods for health issues like sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, oral health, and many other health problems.


  • This product contains an appropriate level of calcium to control the growth of bone.
  • To make your pup’s muscle and joint health, Hill’s science consist of chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • It consists of an antioxidant blend with vitamin C and E, which supports a healthy immune system.
  • This product is easily digestible.
  • It contains no added preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.


  • It is a little expensive compared to other food brands.

You can buy it from Amazon.

5. Royal Canin Puppy Food

Royal Canin is quite a famous brand in India. Its food is considered one of the best for its fresh and natural ingredients. Royal Canin has a wide range of variety and flavors. Some of the varieties also contain fish oil, which is a rich source of vital nutrients.


  • It contains a high protein supplement and also prebiotics.
  • It is easy to digest and improves digestion.
  • Kibbles are shaped according to a dog’s age and breed.
  • It doesn’t come with any side effects; in fact, it is suitable for skin and hair.
  • Regulates continuous bowel movements and enhances immunity.
  • It is cost-effective.


  • It is not gluten or grain-free.
  • Some of the dog owners complained about the dog food because their dogs vomited when fed with this product.
  • It contains a meat by-product.
  • It also contains corn and other grains as its primary ingredients.

You can buy it from Amazon.

How Much Should A Pomeranian Puppy Eat?

Do you already have our cute little pup at home? And still, wondering what to feed? And how much to feed your puppy? It totally depends on the appetite of your dog. It also depends on your pup’s type of food, age, and how hungry they are!

Every dog breed has a different appetite, some Pomeranians eat more food than other dogs, and some eat less, but few things should not be avoided like underfeeding or overfeeding.

How to Determine the Perfect Amount of Food to Give a Puppy?

If you haven’t figured out how much to feed your puppy yet, then this bit is going to help you the most. To make sure that you don’t overfeed or underfeed your puppy, First try to feed the least you can depending upon the weight and size of your pup. Every food package contains the amount you should feed according to your pup’s weight.

Then what you can do is supervise and see if your pup eats the whole food, look for more, or leave some of it. Depending on that, you can figure out which is the perfect amount for your pup’s diet. If your puppy still seems a little hungry, then give them a little bit more but not too much otherwise, it can lead to overfeeding.

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