How Much Do Egyptian Mau Cost? Price of Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau Price

Egyptian Mau is one of the most beautiful, distinctive, and naturally spotted feline breeds. The origin of this unique cat is not entirely familiar, but it is suggested that they are from Egypt. They were adored by this nation, and many have mummified their beloved pet to honor them and show their love, as well as have a companion in after-life they believed in. Cats were so worshiped by Egyptians that the owner would sometimes shave off their eyebrows to show his mourning. In this article, we will be looking at the Egyptian Mau price.

This feline went a long way and almost got extinct at one point, but Russian princes saved the breed and brought it to America where it further developed. Egyptian Mau is a purebred cat, and the cost for an Egyptian Mau kitten can go from $600 to $2,000 depending on the breeder and other qualities.

This is one strong, extremely active, and pretty shy cat. They are the fastest feline with speeds up to 30Mph which is accomplished by a special body type these cats have. They have an excess skin pouch on their stomach, and longer legs, and so can make more movement and run faster than any other domesticated cat. They are family-oriented and loving, always seeking higher ground and forever mysterious.

Egyptian Mau Prices

1. Breeders

  • Price: $600 – $2,000

This intelligent beauty is far from a cheap cat, but every perfection comes with a cost. They are beautiful to look at, with their spotted short coat and unique green eyes that look like they have makeup on. Elegant and ancient, this feline will warm up to you fast.

Egyptian Mau is generally a long-living and healthy breed because they stayed purebred. So to get one for yourself, you will have to find a high-quality breeder and be prepared to pay from $600 to $2,000 for an Egyptian Mau kitten. The Egyptian Mau has a longer gestation period than most cats, around 73 days, so you might have to be patient.

They can be reserved and shy, so proper socialization from day one is important for future behavior. This means that a good breeder will not separate the kitten from a mother too early and they will not be confined to a cage all their life. The mother cat is and should be the first teacher to the offspring, and show them that people can be trusted.

Ongoing Costs for Egyptian Mau

1. Physical exercise costs

  • Price: $20 – $500 for equipment

If you are looking for a classic lap cat, Egyptian Mau might not be the best choice. They are active and always on the lookout. They love to climb and control the situation in the household from higher ground. If you don’t provide a cat tree or similar, they will find a way and a piece of furniture to climb on to. The equipment cost associated with Egyptian Mau is around $20 – $500, which varies on how much you are willing to spend.

Since this cat breed can be quite vocal, a good idea is to keep her happy and occupied, to try and lower the opinionated moaning. Investing in a good cat tree that can also be a scratcher is a must with this feline, and this will cost you from $20 to $400 depending on your budget.

Mau is a fur-ball full of energy, and if you don’t want that energy wasted on the destruction of your house, buy your beloved and playful friend a few cat toys. Simple and replaceable cat toys like little mice, balls, and fish are about $20 for a few pieces. Not a big expense if you have the time and willingness to play with it.

2. Grooming costs:

  • Costs: $5 – $50 a year

Taking care of this cat should be easy and comfortable, since they are smart and highly trainable, the task of weekly brushing becomes a playtime. They have short hair, that is naturally spotted only on the edge of the coat and they shed just a little. Running over their coat with thighs or even better silk scarf will make their fur as good as new. If you are doing it by yourself, the grooming cost for an Egyptian Mau can be from $5 – $50 a year.

This cat comes in various colors, but few are accepted and able to participate in cat shows and those are:

  1. Silver
  2. Bronze
  3. Smoke

No matter what the color is, for these short-coated felines the best tool for grooming is a rubber brush, that you can purchase for the price of $3 to $13 and you are all set.

You can also give it an occasional bath, once in every two weeks or once a month, with a cat shampoo for this breed that goes for $5 to $20 and will last you a very long time. When choosing a shampoo for any pet, but especially cats, opt for something with light to no scent because they don’t have the same need to smell good like we do. Most animals are irritated by strong smells and will develop a negative association with the bath time.

3. Cost of the owner’s time:

This is always a tricky subject to cover, simply because you can’t put a price tag on your time. While researching and contemplating whether this breed is a good fit for you and your family, consider the next few lines.

Egyptian Mau is one of the most possessive felines out there. Cats are usually seen as independent and alone, but this is not the case with this breed. They form a strong attachment to family members and they don’t enjoy other people, so cat-sitting is not an option when you are away. That can be a big disadvantage if you are always absent and the house is empty.

Try to find a great book or two on this species, there are some amazing ones for the price up to $15. This can help you a lot with this unique kitten and set your friendship on the right path.


Exotic and beautiful, the Egyptian Mau was worshiped for many reasons. They are great hunters with amazing speed and agility. They are loyal companions with devotion to all family members, in search of high places and forever playful. They are great for busy and high energy families with older children and adults. This breed can be vocal and possessive, but a good and sturdy cat tree will go a long way for a peaceful house.

I hope that this article on the Egyptian Mau price was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Cats Category!

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