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If you think bigger is better, then a Great Dane may just be the dog for you. The average Great Dane stands 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs 110 pounds. The tallest dog ever recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records is held by a Great Dane named Zeus. He stood a staggering 3 feet and 7 inches at the shoulder. Standing on his hind legs he stretched over 7 feet tall.

The Great Dane is a big dog, but so is its personality. They are extremely loyal to their owners and watchful over children. Known for their kind demeanor and patience with children, they make wonderful family dogs. Due to their enormous size, it is advised to supervise them around small children. They can accidentally knock over, step on, sit on, or bump an infant or toddler. Great Danes are affectionate dogs, so if you plan to make one your new lap dog, you may want to invest in a huge couch.

If your heart is set on owning one of these giant majestic loyal dogs, then you better have some money saved in the bank. The price of the Great Danes ranges from $50 to $4000.

Price of Great Danes by Different Sources

1. Breeder

  • Price: $1,000 – $4,000

Reputable Great Dane breeders are a wonderful option. Many breeders will have health testing done on their dogs to prevent passing on genetic defects. Health testing will cover issues such as hip dysplasia, eyes, thyroid, and cardio. A reputable breeder will stand behind the litters they produce, usually with a health warranty.

Most breeders will have their puppies registered with a registry, such as the American Kennel Club Association. Buying a registered puppy or dog, allows you to trace back the individual bloodline of your puppy or dog.

If you plan to buy a Great Dane just as a companion dog, then the average price of a Great Dane is $1500. Great Danes coming from a strong pedigree with show bloodlines will cost much more. Depending on the gender, color, and markings, a puppy can cost on average $4000.

2. Dog Shelter

  • Price: $50 – $200

If you’re looking to save money and a life, then your local dog shelter is a great place to start. Local no-kill dog shelters take in a variety of dogs.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find a Great Dane puppy at your local dog shelter. Sadly, you’re more likely to find older Great Danes who have been surrendered or who’ve been picked up running loose, due to being dropped off in the streets. Great Danes don’t have a long life expectancy, 8-10 years is average. So if you’re willing to take in a senior, be aware that you may not have long with your Great Dane. As heartbreaking as it may be, just know that giving an older Great Dane a safe warm place to rest their head is highly rewarding. No dog wants to be abandoned or forgotten, especially an older senior dog.

Adopting a Great Dane from your local dog shelter will cost you way less than buying from a reputable breeder. The average fee price of Great Danes from a dog shelter is $50-$200. Local dog shelters use this money to keep up with overhead costs and to rescue other dogs in need.

3. Great Dane Rescue Groups

  • Price: $150 – $350

Great Dane Rescue Groups are wonderful non-profit organizations with large followings of Great Dane lovers and breed enthusiasts. These groups work together as a network of individual members who rescue, transport, adopt, foster, and rehabilitate Great Danes.

Many times when a puppy mill is raided and shut down, local law enforcement will notify a rescue group that deals with the breed of dogs they have found. The rescue group will come in and take the dogs who need a home and most times, medical care. Great Dane rescue groups are wonderful organizations to work with. They always have Great Danes of all ages, gender, colors, markings, and special needs coming into their care. You’re sure to find a Great Dane by going through a rescue group dedicated to the breed.

Great Dane rescue groups put a lot of effort into saving and rehoming unfortunate Great Danes. To help with medical costs, ongoing care, and rescue efforts a typical rescue group charges an adoption fee of $150- $350 to adopt a Great Dane. Puppies and young adolescent dogs will be higher priced than older senior dogs.

Ongoing Costs for Great Danes

1. Feeding

  • $2 – $3

Giant breed dogs require specially formulated food to grow properly, which adds to the cost of a Great Dane. If you get a Great Dane puppy, you’ll want to do your research on nutrition. Great Dane puppies grow so fast, increasing in size very quickly. This rapid quick growth can strain the skeletal and muscular system. If proper nutrition is not met, then development problems can occur.

Puppies who grow too fast who don’t have a proper calcium-phosphorus ratio, can develop an orthopedic problem called knuckling over. It prevents the puppy’s legs from growing straight and instead forces the tightened ligaments and muscles to contract the legs and joints. This causes the knuckle joints to bend outward.

If you plan to feed dry kibble, you’ll want to get one that is AAFCO approved for your Great Dane. Not all dog kibble is created equal. Most Great Dane breeders recommended you feed an adult formula kibble to your puppy because puppy food tends to be high in fat and protein. Adding too much fat to your puppy’s diet will cause obesity and feeding too much protein will accelerate rapid growth. Accelerating quick growth on a giant breed dog can cause devastating and lifelong orthopedic issues. Please talk with your vet if you’re unsure what food would be best for your Great Dane.

Name brand AAFCO approved kibble foods for a Great Dane puppy, adult, or senior can be on the expensive side. The cost of feeding for Great Danes is around $2-$3 per pound on a high premium quality dog kibble.

2. Vet

  • $400 – $600 a year

A giant dog can incur giant vet costs. Great Danes can suffer from a wide range of illnesses, more so if not bred for health and soundness. One of the most common and well-known issues to occur with the breed is bloat. Bloat is common in deep-chested dogs who are on the larger side, such as the Great Dane, Mastiff, and Doberman Pinscher. If bloat is caught and treated early the survival rate is about 90-95%. Bloat surgery is expensive costing between $1500-$7500 depending on the severity and size of the dog.

Great Danes, like any other dog, will need to have proper vaccinations and at least a yearly health checkup to prevent any unnecessary life-threatening illnesses. Depending on your vet’s prices and state of residence, the vet costs for a Great Dane is $35 – $70 per vet visit. You’ll also want to ask your vet about getting heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

Great Danes weigh over 100 pounds usually, which will cost you significantly more than a much smaller breed. Plan to spend between $400-$600 per year depending on your dog’s weight, needs, and prevention products of your choosing.

3. Training

  • $200 – $500 per class

Nobody wants a giant dog jumping at them or dragging them while on a casual walk. Providing early training and socialization for your Great Dane will help make them a well-rounded family member. Great Danes are known for being a stubborn breed of dog, which makes training them for the average dog owner difficult at best. They tend to be very soft-hearted and don’t respond well to aggressive training or yelling. Hiring a local licensed dog trainer is a good idea and will pay off in the end.

You can find local dog trainers in your area through friends, family, or an internet search. Depending on what kind or how much training you want to put your Great Dane through, the cost for training Great Danes can vary greatly. A formal obedience class that typically lasts 8 weeks can cost between $200-$500. If you plan to board and leave your dog with a trainer plan to spend $1000-$2500 on average.


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