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If you are determined to have one of the friendliest and most energetic dog breeds out there, Labradors may just be the right dog for you. They are one of the most popular family dogs and it comes with no surprise since they are great with children and adults, and have an amazing and loyal personality combined with overall good health. In this article, we will go over price of Labradors as well as monthly costs.

Labradors are holding their place as the most wanted dog breed for many years, and the price for those little pups changes every year. Considering their adaptable personality and popularity, prices often soar, but they are worth every penny. Depending on where you plan on getting your new best friend, Labradors can cost somewhere between $800 up to 1500$ for a puppy.

Keep in mind that the price for the actual Labrador puppy is not the only money you will spend right from the start because you will need to invest in dog food, crates, and toys without mentioning the time and effort needed for your next family member. But these amazing and alethic swimmers are one of the most obedient and intelligent breeds, so training them won’t be an issue. They are not considered hypoallergenic, because they do shed their fur especially seasonally, but grooming them is an easy task and it won’t damage your budget too much.

Labradors come in three different colors, black, yellow, and chocolate, and they all have webbed paws perfect for swimming and water. They are agile and loving, but prone to hip problems like many larger breeds. Adult dogs are usually calm and ready to cooperate but remember that young puppies are just like children, lively and pretty snappy, so teaching them that it’s not ok to bite is a must from day one. This little pup is one full package of love and affection.

Prices of Labradors for Different Sources

1. Friends

  • Cost: $0 – $100

Let’s cover the most affordable way to get a Labrador in the first place, and that is by getting them from a friend, for free. Often, when you see your friends and family with a dog, playing cheerfully and having a companion, you wish you have one too.

Since the Labrador is quite a popular breed, chances are that some of your friends already have an adult Labrador, and most are more than prepared to gift a puppy or two, to the right people and home.

This is the cheapest price that you’ll pay for a Labrador, but don’t forget that the big moral burden of taking extremely good care of it, comes with this pup. It’s considered a part of the family and most owners are attached to the puppy from birth. They are going to be yours only if friends consider you to be fit to take care of one love bug.

3. Breeder

  • Cost: $800 – $1500+

Depending on the region, breeder, and other factors the average cost for a Labrador from a breeder goes from $800 – $1500, sometimes even more. Famous breeders with prized Labradors are going to charge more for the puppy with potential competition success.

Acquiring a Labrador through a breeder can be a safer option, because you know the exact heritage of your dog, including parents and older generations, as well as all the potential health problems the dog may have. The breeders usually pick the mating dogs carefully to avoid any genetic problems. But be warned, because not all the breeders are looking out for your best interest, some are into it just for the money.

On the plus side, you can choose the right dog for you. The color, since they come in a few colors and you can pick a female or male dog, to your preference, as well as the character you see portrayed while they are still in the litter. That can be a huge advantage, in regards to getting it for free from your friends, where you don’t get to pick.

3. Adoption

  • Costs: $0 $200

Adopting a Labrador can be the most interesting and humane thing you can do, for free, but there are some things to think about, before taking this big step. Especially considering the age and health issues they can have.

Even though you are getting an abandoned Labrador, and doing a good deed, it’s usually older dogs and not puppies. These veterans can be a delight to have, but can also come with a lot of damage. On one hand, you can skip the whole puppy period of adjusting and get an adult Labrador, and on the other hand, you will miss out on those first, bonding years of their life.

After weighing all the options, maybe adopting can be a cheaper and convenient way to get and save your new Labrador for a good price. These Labrador are pretty forgiving in nature, and can easily adapt to a new household.

Ongoing Costs for Labradors

1. Training

  • Cost: $55 – $400 an hour

Training your dog, right from the start can be a big responsibility, especially with larger breeds such as Labradors, so it’s wise to hire a professional trainer. Training your Labrador can cost between $50 and $400 an hour, depending on your region.

Training by yourself is also an option, but make sure to read everything you can on the subject and be prepared to make the effort and give it a lot of time.

Labradors are considered one of the easiest dogs to train, and it’s quite possible to do it on your own. They are eager to please humans and will meet you halfway to have a good connection with the owner.

2. Feeding

  •  Cost: $325 – $750 annually

Feeding larger breeds, like Labradors, can be quite pricey, depending on your choice of food. But on average, the dog food will set you back from $325 to $750 annually. That’s only the basic food needs, not including the treats they have.

In the beginning, if you are getting a Labrador puppy, the cost is higher. The reason for that is because you are buying everything for the first time and food for young dogs is more expensive because they require more nutritive foods.

Consider your options when it comes to food, and choose from a variety of kibble food, canned food, or do your research and maybe prepare special food for your dog, if you have the time and willingness. Saving money on dog food is never a good option because cheaper dog food is usually full of carbohydrates and you will have to feed more. Besides, it can cause various health problems and that will increase the chances of your vet visits being more often than needed.

3. Grooming

  • Cost: $60 – $80 per session

Labradors are fairly easy to groom because they don’t have a long coat and usually shed heavily only two times a year, in spring and autumn. That means that you need to brush the dog a few times per week and occasionally bathe them. But the grooming can add up over one year. On average the professional groomer can cost between $60 and $80 per session.

You can opt for grooming the dog yourself, and you will need some equipment, such as shampoo (average cost $5-20$), high-quality brush ($5-$45), tooth-brush kit ($5-$15), and toenail clippers ($5-$30)

In the end, you will buy some of those things once and use them for a long time, but the professional will probably do a better job in a shorter period. Grooming a Labrador can be quite the task because of the size and weight, but it’s doable for sure.


To recap, your initial cost for a Labrador puppy will be the highest. You will not only pay for the Labrador puppy but for all the things you need to have a healthy, happy, and clean dog. Even if the puppy is free of charge, they will still need the food, toys, bed, crate, and cosmetics. But before everything, they will need your attention, patience, and time. Can you put a price tag on that? In return, you will get life-long memories and a best furry friend for many years to come.

I hope that this article on Labradors price was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Dog Category!

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