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Maine Coon Cost

Maine Coon cats are known as gentle giants, being one of the largest cat breeds but at the same time one with the friendliest and mellow character. The origin of this unique and wild-looking cat can’t be pinpointed, but there are many theories. Some presume that this magnificent cat is descended from Marie Antoinette’s boat, some connect the origin with the Norwegian forest cats, and some theories suggest that Maine Coon is a blend of domesticated cat and wild bob-cat.

Whatever is the case, this long-coated feline is considered to be a true American nowadays. It would be the best choice to get it from a high-quality breeder to make sure you are getting your money worth. The average cost for a Maine Coon kitten is from $1,100 to $2,100 and with a good reason. Everything that is in high demand is expensive, and these cats are always on top of the popularity lists.

They are one of the biggest felines that you would ever see, and the long, luscious coat, accompanied by an even longer and fluffier tail, add to the impression of one large breed. Their expressive and big eyes come in many color variations as does their coat. They have thick and coarse undercoat to protect them from harsh winter conditions in Maine, and their paws have extra padding for insulation. Overall they look like a lion, and act like a puppy, at the same time.

Cost of Maine Coon

1. Breeders of  Maine Coon

This patient giant is a great family cat because they love children and can be quite playful. On the other hand, they won’t mind being alone or even with other animals. This is one intelligent and independent feline, ready to entertain or just snuggle up to you without much noise.

Like with most purebred breeds, when thinking about getting one for your home, firstly research good breeders in your area. They are usually the safest option because they have a reputation to uphold and thus care for each kitten that leaves the litter. The price of Maine Coon varies between $1,100 and $2,100 depending on many factors.

This was never a cheap cat, to buy or to own, but they come with such a loveable personality, loyalty to family, and all-around kind behavior, that the price of Maine Coon forgiven. They are generally healthy and will win you over not just with their bobcat-like pointed ears, but the quiet and royal presence.

Holding costs

1. Grooming

  • Cost: $15 to $30.

Maine Coon looks big for two reasons, firstly they are generally large and heavy-set feline, but the other reason is their prominent and recognizable coat. This winter cat is covered all the way, with a thick undercoat, long and silky outer coat, and even padded paws, to make sure they keep warm.

This extremely beautiful mane can be a handful to take care of, especially because they shed all year long. So investing in a good vacuum cleaner is a must, but before that consider buying a high-quality brush that will cost you on average from $15 to $30. It’s better to opt for a more expensive brush and that way save some money on replacements.

Maine Coon’s calm nature will allow you to groom the cat properly, at least two times a week. This will provide massage and good circulation for a silky and smooth coat, as well as prevent the forming of tangles and mats, or even worse hairballs in their intestine.

2. Physical Exercise

  • Cost:$15 to $50

Maine Coon may look relaxed and inactive, but this cat is very intelligent and can be playful if interested. This is why they can be a perfect addition to families with children because they will be entertaining but never overwhelming.

Most intelligent cats can be trained to walk on a leash, and Maine Coon is no different, you just have to start right away. This can be a safe way for your friend to explore, and the price for Maine Coon cats leash and harness can go from $15 to $50 depending on the style.

You might also consider buying a few toys, which will keep it entertained and active. Cats love to chase lasers, and this handy, modern toy can be purchased for $20. It’s interactive, and independent play that will provide hours of fun.

3. Food

  •  Cost: $37 for a bag of 14 lb.

It would be a fine thing that the cost for the Maine Coon kitten is the first and the last thing you will pay, but the reality is far from it. Like with every pet, these cats require a portion of special food to meet their needs. Today, we can find many varieties of cat foods, for reasonable and various prices.

Maine Coon is a big cat and with that said keep in mind that you should feed it accordingly. The amount of food will probably be bigger than your average cat, but avoid filler filled food because you will spend even more. High-quality and breed-specific food costs around $37 for a bag of 14 lb.

The food should provide oral health, with the shape of the kibble. Also, this breed needs omega fatty acids to ensure those joins are keeping up with the large statue. And most obvious, their long and soft coat needs nutrients to look its best.

Maine Coon is a healthy and long-living cat that will be at your side no matter what you do. Their breed is considered to be one of the most empathic ones, which is odd for a cat representative. They are said to feel discomfort and sadness in family members and do their best to cheer them up or to distract them.

There are a lot of expenses with this cat, from food to grooming tools, but your little lion will be forever grateful and loving in return. Their affectionate and quiet personality is their currency and they spend it wisely. One powerful vacuum cleaner, a few brushes later and you can lounge on the couch knowing that you made the right choice by bringing this gentle giant home.


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