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Maltese price

If you’re searching for a gentle yet fearless toy dog, then the Maltese is a perfect fit. A mantle of silky, long white hair covers this breeds’ body, and with no undercoat present, shedding is minimal. When a purebred Maltese moves, it seems like they are floating on a cloud of white hair – something that this breed is famed for.

Maltese have an affectionate personality, though they can be snappy with screeching children. Besides this, they’re considered a good family dog. If you decide to purchase a Maltese, you’re in for a treat! They’re lively, playful, intelligent, and enjoy learning tricks. Not only do they make excellent companions, but they’re often also used as therapy dogs.

Depending on where you decide to purchase a Maltese puppy, the price range of a Maltese can be from $500 to $2000, with female puppies costing more than males. Female Maltese puppies are considered more valuable due to their breeding potential. Sellers consider that she can generate revenue for her new owners, and prices for these female puppies with breeding rights can be well over $4000.

Maltese Price by Location

1. Adoption Websites

  • Average Cost: $400

Besides your local dog rescue or shelter, there are several online sites where you can adopt a Maltese puppy. Although you’ll need to sift through them to find the best, it’s an easier way to find the puppy you’re looking for since local rescues don’t always have the breed you had in mind. The price for adopting a Maltese from adoption websites can range widely, but expect to pay around $400 for a Maltese.

Adoption websites are a great alternative to traditional shelters. When you’re searching for a suitable site, look for one that provides adequate information and photos of the Maltese, make meet-ups before purchase easy, and have a sensible return policy.

Adopting puppies from a website isn’t risk-free. You’ll need to gear yourself with the right questions and get as much information about any medical or behavioral issues concerning the Maltese you plan to adopt. A reliable website will most likely already have sections where current owners can list this information, so keep an eye out for it!

2. Backyard Breeders

  • Average Cost: $1000

The first thought that possibly comes to mind when you think about backyard breeders is that these breeders are in the business of dog breeding for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, this term also refers to ordinary dog owners who accidentally became breeders.

Although they don’t always have preliminary knowledge of how Maltese breeding works, they try their best to find loving and caring homes for their puppy litter once born. Their inexperience doesn’t necessarily mean that puppies from their litter aren’t of a high-quality bloodline. The price can be cheaper than buying from a certified breeder, and if you decide to buy from a backyard breeder, the price of Maltese can be anywhere from $500 – $1500.

Though you run the risk of getting a sickly dog with no accurate information about its genetics, you’re just as likely to find a purebred pup. The bonus is that these types of backyard breeders are cheaper than certified ones since they aren’t in it for the business.

3. Pet Shops

  • Average Cost: $750

The best thing about PetShops is that they’re local! Buying your Maltese puppy from a local Pet Shop can be beneficial in several ways. Although many will say you run the risk of purchasing a Maltese puppy purchased from a resale breeder, many Pet Shop source their puppies from reputable breeders only.

If you are purchasing your Maltese from a PetShop, it means that you’ll most likely have access to quality food, medicines, toys, and other goods that work well with the breed. It’s rare for a PetShop to sell a specific animal and not cater to their needs.

Before you purchase your new puppy from a PetShop, be sure to ask questions specific questions about the dog. Questions should relate to the condition the breeder bred the puppies in, their first health check-ups, and how they were socialized while with the breeder and during their time at the shop. Another essential thing to find out about is whether the shop has any guarantees if any conditions that could have been avoided with a quality bred dog, pop up with your puppy in the near future.

Ongoing Yearly Costs of Having a Maltese

1. Dental Care

  • Average Cost: $350

Dental care is often overlooked by dog owners but extremely important. The cost of dental care for your Maltese in a DIY method would cost around $350 a year. Plaque consistently produces in dogs and can start to cling to teeth. To avoid that it eats away at the enamel on your Maltese’s teeth, you should thoroughly remove it regularly.

Not doing so can have dire consequences. If plaque isn’t removed from the teeth, it will harden and turn into tartar, which is even more challenging to remove. Even when it travels out of sight, it can sit under the gum line and be even more destructive.

Teeth will start to loosen and fall out when your puppy is around three and a half months old, and it’s still vital that you care for it. During the teething phase, the dental care you provide will lay the foundation for the adult teeth that your Maltese will have to carry for the rest of its life.

Providing at-home care to your Maltese includes scrubbing its teeth, using a dental spray, or offering a daily dental treat. A quality dental treat usually tastes good, which means you can replace your Maltese’s treats with it. When taking your dog to the vet for a dental check, you can expect that x-rays will be taken to diagnose any possible issues. After this, a scrape will be done to remove any plaque, and the gum line and teeth will be cleaned.

2. Medical Coverage

  • Average Cost: $50 per month

If your Maltese needs regular visits to the vet or a medical condition comes to light, you’ll find that pet insurance costs you less than it ends up paying out. To ensure that your dog has a healthy and happy life, it’s a good idea to give them access to quality medical care.

The cost of medical coverage for your Maltese will depend on your dog’s age, breed (pure or mixed), and the area you live in. When deciding which insurance to take, it’s important to work out how much it will cost you during your dogs’ lifespan to find the best deal.

The top three health conditions Maltese are prone to are eye diseases (tear duct disorders, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, etc.), hyperthyroidism, and heart diseases. Getting medical cover for your Maltese can help you cover the costs of general check-ups and pay for the expenses relating to the mentioned health conditions if they are diagnosed.

3. House Training

  • Average Cost: $100

House or potty training your Maltese poppy doesn’t have to be a stressful or intimidating task. Using training angles and components correctly will make this an easy process for both you and your pup.

Even when the person you buy your Maltese from says that it is already house trained, you should start the training process as though it’s not. Using a playpen to train your puppy is recommended by many people. Playpens allow your puppy to move around and play in a big enough area while limiting the indoor space which they can use as a potty.

You can place a pee pad in the playpen to start off the learning process. Doing indoor and outdoor toilet training with your puppy is the best option to take. This will allow you to leave your Maltese puppy indoors when the need arises without having to worry that it will make a mess around the house.


Maltese dogs can fill many roles, which is one reason why they’ve remained a popular breed for so long. They’re people pleasers and will stay loyal to their owners. Their ability to fit into almost any family, whether there are kids or not, is a definite bonus. Whether you’re looking for a family dog or want to purchase a therapy dog for yourself or someone you love, a Maltese can be a great choice if you’re willing to provide it with attention and affection.

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