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Munchkin price

Munchkins, also known as wiener cats, for obvious reason and their resemblance to Deutsch Hound are dwarfs among cats. This unique looking cat is relatively new and the main feature, short legs, are a result of genetic mutation. Munchkins are incredibly agile and fast and will surprise you with abilities. Their adorable short legs make them a cute and popular breed, but they also carry a lot of health problems and contradictions.

Munchkin origins are unknown, and the only familiar story is about a cat found under a truck for the first time and the rest is history. They do appear all around the world, but they are just now recognized as a breed, and not by everyone. Breeding Munchkins is extremely hard and price varies depending on the breeder, color, coat length, and legs. The average price of Munchkin is $500 to $2000 and if you want the legs to be shorter and coat longer, prepare to pay even more.

Munchkins got their name after the Munchkins in the wizard of Oz and they are adorable just like them. This breed is playful, active, and friendly. Their coat comes in various colors and lengths. Their cute little legs also have three varieties in length.

They are good with people and other cats, but you may be concerned about certain hereditary illnesses that follow these small legs.

Munchkin Cat Price

1. Breeders

The safest way to get a healthy and purebred Munchkin kitten is with a licensed breeder. Also breeding these adorable cats is not supported everywhere, so you will have to do your research before buying. Some breeders refuse to acknowledge the entire breed because the short legs are a genetic flaw and the consequences of this genetic formation are not yet fully understood.

If you do manage to get to a high-quality breeder, the price of Munchkin cats is $500 to $2000 or even more, depending on many variables. The most popular is the long-coat, white Munchkin and if they come with especially short legs, the price will go up.

The mortality rate in these kittens is incredibly high, and good breeders will never pair two Munchkins but rather add a new gene to the pull and lower the mortality rate. They are also prone to developing a few health problems connected to their physique, but we don’t know for sure how risky it is.

Ongoing costs

1. Vet costs

The first and probably the priciest thing after buying the kitten is the bills you will probably have at the local vet office. Munchkins are officially a healthy breed, but those short legs can be potentially very harmful to the entire body. Even though they are agile and active like most cats, they occasionally suffer from:

Lordosis: the condition affecting the elongated spine. This is a typical problem that wiener dogs have, but Munchkins are susceptible to it too. The spine sinks in and curves, causing mild to severe problems.

Pectus Excavatum: Because of the short legs and elongated spine, the chest of the feline can also be deformed, causing the growing lungs and heart to not function properly. The symptoms might be difficulty in breathing but can also be fatal.

Considering that this breed is new and still not fully understood, it would be wise to pay a visit to your vet two times a year. A regular checkup for your Munchkin will cost you around $50, without any analyses and vaccinations.

Because the Munchkin feline can be quite delicate, optioning for pet insurance can be the best solution for your peace of mind. These packages go from $10 to $40 per month, and that might sound a lot, but consider the unpredictable costs you might have otherwise.

2. Physical exercise

It may come as a surprise that these so-called Sausage cats are capable of any physical activity, but once you see the Munchkin in full speed and jumping around, you will be flabbergasted. These brave felines don’t realize their limitations and will do what most cats do the best, play, and chase everything that moves.

They are extremely playful and energetic, and there is one more interesting thing about them, they love to steal shiny objects and store them away. You might be missing some jewelry with this little hoarder in the house, so to prevent that by buy them lots of entertainment.

They are very dependent on the owner and love to spend time playing, so think about getting them the appropriate toys, like mice, lasers, balls, or aluminum foil balls, to make them feel like something shiny is theirs. Toys for cats arrive in various sizes and colors, and the price of toys for your Munchkin Cats can cost around $10 a piece

3. Cost of the owner’s time

Simply put, priceless. This cat, with all its adorable traits, like short legs, fun personality, playfulness, and all others, comes with quite a dependent character. They are also vocal cats and will loudly let you know they need more attention. This feline is not for single life and lonely hours spent in the house, they crave human presence and affection.

They get along with all people, and they are very out-going, accommodating even to children and the elderly. They do go well with friendly dogs but show the most affection to the owner. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your character and lifestyle.


If you are working from home, have a big family, and don’t mind one opinionated kitten, then Munchkin is the right choice for you. Since you can’t put a price on your time and love, this cat will never be in debt and always reward you with snuggling.

Sausage cat, rug-hugger, or wiener cat, whatever you call it is one beautiful, energetic and unique feline. They will come with quite the bill for the vet and necessities, but they will warm your heart and entertain you endlessly.

Their short, chubby legs are not an obstacle for her hobby of stealing stuff, so be prepared to look for treasures they store away. White Munchkin, with blue eyes and a long coat, is the most popular one, so if you like to have it be prepared to pay up. Be aware of the potential health issues and do your research ahead of time.

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