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Although many don’t consider Pitbulls a family-safe dog breed, experts believe that no dog breed is inherently more dangerous than another. Despite their aggressive reputation, Pitbulls can be protective, loving, family-orientated dogs.

When raised with compassion, Pitbulls will shower their owners with the same love and affection. Although this breed can be grossly misunderstood, its qualities are superior to many other breeds. In the sports of obedience, agility, and weight pulling, this breed is a very popular competitor and compared to other breeds, their competitiveness can often be misinterpreted as violence.

When it boils down to purchasing a Pitbull puppy, purebred lines are your safest bet. These Pitbull puppies can cost an average of $1500 per pup, but the cost is worth it to eliminate some possible risks.


Pitbull Price by Location

1. Pitbull Breeders

  • Average Cost: $2000

The best place to buy purebred Pitbulls is from certified breeders. If buying from certified breeders, the cost of Pitbulls is around $2000. Selective breeding can lead to unstable temperaments in Pitbulls, making it important to find a breeder who knows what they’re doing. Responsible breeders know what to look for to produce pups with playful and friendly natures. Pitbulls that were bred responsibly love being around people of all ages, are affectionate, gentle, can be very obedient, and are always willing to protect their human family.

Other things to look for when choosing a breeder, is how much time they spent on providing early socialization and training to their pups. Good breeders make sure that their pups know human and pet interaction before sending them off. Responsible breeders also have adequate information regarding possible inherit genetic health issues and if your state has legislation in place regarding dangerous dogs, these breeders can assist you with the legal aspect too. Unfortunately, since breeders have been irresponsible in the past and purposely bred puppies with aggressive natures, Pitbulls are now listed under a violent dog category in most countries.

If you plan to enter your Pitbull into sports competitions, a good breeder will help you with the necessary paperwork to register your dog and give you information on where to get the best training and help.

2. Personal Connections

  • Average Cost: $1200

If you plan to purchase a Pitbull puppy, you likely know someone who has and loves this breed. If this is the case, you have a huge advantage. Purchasing a Pitbull pup from a personal connection, whether that be a friend, work colleague, family member, or another type of acquaintance, gives you the advantage of personal interaction.

Not only can you interact and genuinely get to know the parent dogs, but you’re likely to have more access to the pups before purchasing one too. This will give you enough time to get to know their temperament, personality, and social skills.

Purchasing a Pitbull pup from someone you know personally, is also likely to cost you less. This will leave you with extra cash to invest in the most important needs of your new family member.

3. Kennel Clubs

  • Average Cost: $2200

Kennel Clubs don’t sell their pups to just anyone. They’re extremely devoted to ensuring that their dogs end up with owners who truly have a love for the specific breed, dogs in general, and value animal lives. If they aren’t convinced that you’ll make it a priority to provide your Pitbull with a healthy and happy life, they won’t conclude the transaction.

The price of Pitbulls puppy through a Kennel Club is around $2200, which can be a bit more expensive and time-consuming than other routes, but the initial and after-care service you’ll receive usually stands out from the rest. Besides assisting with the initial purchase of your puppy, Kennel Clubs will also direct you to the best places to buy quality food, which local vets have the most experience in the breed, what social skills and training experts you can contact, and if you’re interested, which sports competitions are the most reputable.

Kennel Clubs will also answer any follow-up questions you might have to make sure that your pup gets the best care possible. Purchasing your Pitbull from or through a Kennel Club is an all-around great choice!

Ongoing Costs of Owning a Pitbull

1. Bedding

  • Average Cost: $300

Like most breeds, Pitbulls enjoy sleeping 75% of the day. This means that your pup will spend about 9-14 hours a day resting and because of this, you need to make sure that they have a comfortable place to lay down. Although Pitbulls love to cuddle, having your dog sleep in your bed might not be the best idea. Rather spend some extra cash on investing in a bed designed to give your pup a comfortable rest and leave bonding time to activities and play.

The ideal bed for your Pitbull should be comfy, supportive, and chew-proof! If you don’t get this piece of information from wherever you purchase your pup, wait a few days before buying a bed to see which sleeping style your dog prefers. The cost of getting a good bedding for your Pitbulls is around $300. You should also look for a bed that has sufficient cushioning, and ensure that your puppy can grow into it. Avoiding attached covers is a great idea as dog beds need a regular wash to avoid ticks.

2. Physical Activities

  • Average Cost: $200

Keeping your Pitbull in top shape should be a priority. To do this, you should ensure that your pup gets enough physical training from a young age. You can join a Pitbull club if you don’t have enough time to train and play with your dog yourself, but these can become quite costly. So, if you are doing it by yourself, the cost of exercising your Pitbulls should cost around $200 for equipment.

For at-home activities, you can spend time swimming, going for runs, throwing a frisbee, playing catch, do some weight-pulling, or even build a backyard obedience course that you can work through on weekends.

When doing this at home, you’ll ensure that your dog gets enough physical exercise, while also strengthening your bond.

3. Safety

  • Average Cost: $150

Unfortunately, due to their reputation of being a violent breed, many backyard dogfighters would take any opportunity they get to steal your Pitbull pup. You need to ensure that your yard is secure and allows no opportunity for your dog to escape.

Besides providing a safe and secure environment for your dog to roam in, you can also invest in microchipping. This will help you track your pup in the rare case that it gets out or is stolen. If you don’t have money to invest in microchipping from the start, purchasing a dog collar with your full information on can also be helpful when someone spots your dog outside its yard.


Despite their reputation, Pitbulls make great family dogs and they only intercede when someone threatens the ones they love. When bought from a reputable place with no intentions of breeding dogs for fighting purposes, this breed can be loyal and affectionate to both adults and children. They thrive on love and being part of the family is what they want to feel. If you’re willing to commit to showering your Pitbull with love and care, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal life companion.

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