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Pomeranian price

So, you’re looking for a little furry friend to keep you company. Weighing in at around seven pounds of fluffy fury, enter the Pomeranian. Pomeranians are tiny, sociable dogs that are popular among many dog lovers, trainers, and breeders alike. Originally bred from sled dogs, their thick, pretty coats and foxlike faces make them a favorite among the toy breeds. Don’t let their size fool you- they have very big voices! In this article, we will be looking at the prices for Pomeranian puppies and their ongoing monthly maintanence.

Overall, Pomeranians are hardy, healthy dogs. Some develop issues in their knee joints called patella luxation. Others may develop breathing problems due to a collapsed trachea, or “windpipe”. Rarely, Pomeranians may suffer from alopecia, which causes some or all of their fur to fall out.

Like most purebred dogs, Pomeranian puppies vary in cost depending on several factors and can range from $500-$6000, though most often they fall in the $1000 range. And that’s just to get one, not to mention the regular costs your Pomeranian will incur throughout its life.

Pomeranians display high levels of intelligence, and they are often trained as show dogs. They are equally well-suited to a calm life in the home with you and the family. Being quite small, their living space needs are less than that of most dogs. Pomeranians are highly energetic, however, and need to exercise and play regularly.

Pomeranian Price by Sources

Pomeranians can be acquired from a variety of sources, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, ranging from simple differences in Pomeranian price to the so-called “papers” that guarantee a dog’s purebred status is authentic. Generally, the less formal the venue, the lower the cost of the Pomeranian puppy. This can translate to (potentially) less-desirable genetics.

Whether you intend to keep your Pom as a house pet or for show is a key factor to consider when selecting where to get your Pomeranian. Pomeranians intended as pets need not have a well-defined pedigree, while show dogs typically require a proven, unbroken lineage from a registered dog.

1. Craigslist

  • Estimated Price: $100 – $1,000

While not regarded as the most reliable source, millions of people use Craigslist daily. Sifting through the pet-related classifieds, one may encounter listings from amateur breeders. The price of Pomeranian puppies through Craiglist will typically be anywhere from $100 – $1,000 depending on the seller.

Sellers in Craigslist will typically charge less than more established breeders or pet shops, but they’re less likely to be sourced from puppy mills than the latter and are typically cheaper than the former. One might also stumble across a dog in need of rehoming, which for the frugally-minded would be ideal as rehoming is a low- or no-cost option. Dogs bought off of Craigslist may or may not come with papers.

If you aren’t too worried about pedigree, then Craigslist may be a good route to take for finding a Pomeranian. Trolling craigslist for one may take a while, but the money you’ll save over other sellers makes the extra time and energy expended well worth it.

A firm average of prices for Pomeranians on Craigslist is hard to nail down due to the differences in local and regional markets, but you can bet on savings in the hundreds. Of course, that has to be weighed against specific conditions like your needs, the presence/absence of documentation, and the health of the Pomeranian.

2. Pet Shops

  • Estimated Price: $500 – $1,500

Pet shops are a quick, easily accessible place to get a puppy. They are especially handy if you’re in the market for a puppy now, and don’t want to spend the time pouring over classified ads to find one. You get a chance to see how they get along with other pups, which can give a good measure of a dog’s friendliness.

On the other hand, pet shops come with some ethical baggage that ought not to be overlooked. They typically source their puppies from mills, which are known for their inhumane practices and conditions. Furthermore, many fancy-sounding registrations pet stores boast are little more than sales tactics.

A Pomeranian puppy bought at a pet shop will likely cost around $1000. The extra steps in the supply chain add a good deal to the cost of retail pets, and Poms are no exception. Some pet shops offer payment plans or leases, but these options further inflate the cost and you run the risk of having your furry friend repossessed should you experience financial issues before the bill for the dog is paid in full.

3. Breeders

  • Price: $1,000 – $4,000

The price of Pomeranian puppy when buying from a reputable breeder is most expensive. Most breeders provide conditions that are far better than those found in puppy mills and pet shops. Most offer documentation of the puppy’s pedigree whenever available if only to help drive up the price a bit. Finding one can take some time, but it’s not nearly the scavenger hunt that Craigslist presents.

Whether you’re looking for a fun-loving pet or a serious show dog, getting a Pomeranian from a reputable breeder is a good choice if you can afford to. Breeders command the highest prices for their Pomeranian puppies, with pet Pomeranians going for up to $1500. Special breeds of Pomeranian or those with especially noteworthy lineages may sell for as much as $4000 or more.

Ongoing Costs for Pomeranians

Getting a cute pup is just the first of many expenses your Pomeranian will incur throughout its lifetime. There are lots of costs to properly care for your Pomeranian. From regular concerns like feeding and grooming to trips to periodic expenses like trips to the vet, the costs of your Pomeranian can add up quickly.

1. Grooming

Keeping up on your Pomeranian’s grooming is important as they have thick coats that require lots of maintenance. This extra maintenance translates directly to a higher cost to keep your furry pal feeling comfortable and happy. Not only will you need to groom your Pom in the home, but you’ll need a groomer handy. Professional grooming for Pomeranians is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

How much will it cost to keep your Pomeranian well groomed? You’ll need a suitable brush to groom them 2-3 times a week at home, which typically sells for $5-$20. Then you have professional grooming, which at between $30 and $90 a session averages roughly $500-$600 per year.

2. Feeding

Since they are so tiny, the cost of Pomeranians for feeding is not expensive. Adults eat only about a cup or two of kibble a day, which works out to a 30lb bag of food lasting about 2-3 months. Of course, you’ll want to have some treats on hand for training your new furry family member too.

Good nutrition is important, so don’t skimp on your dog’s diet. Quality dog food costs around $55 for a 30lb bag. In a year, that adds up to as much as $330. Tack on the cost of treats, and you’re likely pushing $375/year in food costs for your Pomeranian.

3. Vet Trips

The first year of owning a Pomeranian is often the most expensive. Much of this is due to the high initial medical cost of owning a Pomeranian. Dogs need regular checkups to maintain their health properly. Your Pomeranian will need shots to protect against common diseases, like distemper and rabies. These are given over several months, so even if your puppy came having already gotten their first round of shots you should account for the extra expense. Heartworm preventatives and flea-and-tick repellants are often recommended to help keep your dog in good health.

Deworming and flea repellants cost about $30 each, per month, with an annual cost of roughly $350 a year. Regular checkups typically run about $50 per visit, and the proper vaccinations can be expected to cost about $100. All said and done, medical care for your Pomeranian will cost about $500 a year after the “new puppy” shots are finished. Older dogs will also need their teeth examined and cleaned once a year, which typically costs a few hundred dollars.

Knowing ahead of time that even basic medical care will cost a good deal, many owners decide to buy pet insurance to help lower the cost of regular treatment or mitigate costs for emergency visits.


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