10 Pros and Cons of Beagles

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The Beagle is a breed of dog made for hunting, and their nose makes their entire personality come to life. Their origins are not entirely known, but a hound-like the modern Beagle appeared in Greece more than 400 years BC. This companion and hunting dog was named by its top characteristic and that is vocalization. The name Beagle originated from the French word “begueule” which means “open throat” and the description couldn’t be better.

These loud hounds are one of the most popular dogs in the US but they are also one of the most abandoned ones too. Why? Because people don’t realize just how loud they can be. They can produce many different vocal sounds, and they do it often. This can be off-putting to some and thus Beagle is not recommended for apartment owners. In this article, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of owning beagles.

The most famous Beagle of all is the Snoopy, owned by Charlie Brown and this lovely cartoon made it even more popular. The Beagle can be a perfect family dog with its ability to accommodate everyone, from small children to the elderly. They are affectionate, lovable, cuddly, and playful. A perfect combination when it comes to family pets. Just keep in mind that they are bred for hunting and they will listen to their nose and instincts more than you.

Pros of Owning a Beagle

1. Healthy

One of the biggest pros of Beagles is the fact that they are generally very healthy and pretty long living. The health problems are practically breed-out of them and only a few issues can appear.

One thing to watch out for is their tendency to eat too much and be overweight. Considering their relatively small statue this can happen quickly. They are driven by their hound nose and will eat anything available to reach.

Proper nutrition will go a long way with this pup, and they will have a long and healthy life.

2. Family dog

This breed is very popular and it comes with no surprise because their personality is one of the best there are. They can be calm and almost lazy, but at the same time playful and energetic. They go especially well with children and they are not known for any type of aggressive behavior.

They are very attached to their owners and follow them everywhere with the curiosity and mind of a puppy, even when they are much older. The Beagle is perfectly comfortable in any situation if you teach and socialize them from an early age.

3. Loving and affectionate

The Beagle is a pack dog, meaning they feel most comfortable when accompanied by other dogs and humans. This trait can be again understandable if you consider their hunting history.

They might be a family pet now, but they were bread for many years as a working dog that hunts with other dogs and humans, thus they still love the company and the feeling of belonging.

This means they are going to make your family its pack and act accordingly. An awesome pro of Beagles is that they will be super affectionate and loving to all family members, and will not do well if left alone.

4. Small

Did you know that there was a Beagle so small it was called “pocket Beagle”? Yes, they were once so small they could fit in a pocket bag and be carried to the hunting ground. They are not pocket-size anymore, but they are still quite small.

They are from 13 to 15 inches tall, and 20 to 30 pounds heavy, males being a bit bigger than females. This small size means they can go with you pretty much everywhere and that is a good thing since they don’t like being left alone.

5. Versatile

Beagles were maybe made for picking up scent and hunting, but they came a long way since then. They are now best suited as family pets but they are still versatile.

Because of their incredible sense of smell and eagerness to hunt, they became the perfect working dogs in police forces, a huge advantage of Beagles. They can be trained to recognize over 50 different smells and this can be useful to detect drugs or dangerous materials.

Cons of Owning a Beagle

1. Vocalization

If this breed is famous for something it would be their vocalization. A huge con of Beagles is that they are loud and not afraid to show it. The Beagle can make various sounds, depending on the need and they will not only bark, but they will also howl, bay, cry and make all kinds of noise.

This is one of the reasons this breed is filling up the shelters. People are not prepared for the amount and volume these little dogs bring to the table, so they often get abandoned. Despite being a loving and easy-going breed, the howling is sometimes too much to handle.

Be a responsible owner and read a lot before getting any breed, but especially demanding one like this. They are not suited for apartments and they will get you in trouble with neighbors.

2. Scent hound

One of the things this breed was meant for is picking up the scent and follow it to the source. They were made to hunt rabbits, but also many other animals. What this means for a modern Beagle as a family pet is that it will always remain a scent hound and follow its nose.

The Beagle is said to be a nose on four legs, and this is true. Their sense of smell is so strong and their instinct to hunt is still present, so you have to get used to the idea that they will follow their nose and not your orders.

This will lead your Beagle to potentially dangerous situations, because they don’t stop until they find the source of the smell, and no amount of peril will make them think. So, it is advised to have a well-fenced yard for their safety.

3. Grooming

The Beagle has short hair, and it looks like it would be a breeze to groom but you would be mistaken. A disadvantage of Beagles is that the coat itself sheds a lot and needs regular brushing, but that is far from the main problem with this pooch.

Being a hound or hunting dog as they are, and feeling the need to follow every scent will lead your Beagle to find and then roll in anything they encounter. The fouler the scent, the better. They are known to be rolling around in dead remains of animals, garbage, and worse. This will mean they need a bath almost after every walk. This can be time consuming and tiresome.

4. Active

The Beagle shares one of the top positions for the most active dog breed with Huskies, Golden retrievers, and German shepherds. This tells you a lot about this breed because in comparison to others they are very small. But, their petite statue is not an obstacle to their energy levels.

All though they can be sitting in your lap, cuddling for a while, they need and crave physical exercise, because they are used to running and hunting. This will on the other hand demand you to participate in daily walks and playtime, to help them spend all that energy.

5. Destructive

This unique breed loves to be in a pack, as mentioned above, and love to be stimulated in any way possible. If you fail to keep it entertained or to be present, the Beagle will become destructive and suffer from separation anxiety.

If they are not trained to be alone, this can be a lot of trouble if you work a lot or if you are away from home often. They will destroy furniture, chew on everything, go through the trash, and howl at the top of their lungs. They will also try their best to escape the house or yard, so be careful.


In the end, Beagle can be a perfect pet for an active and patient family. They are loud and do better in open space with fewer neighbors. They need to be trained to listen to you more than their hunting nose. If all else fails, they are always ready to obey for food. So teaching them with treats is the best solution. This loveable pooch will be your loyal friend for many years to come.

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