10 Pros and Cons of Siberian Huskies

Siberian Husky pros and cons

Siberian husky is one athletic and robust breed that originated in cold Siberia. They are built and bred as working dogs, for harsh climates and endurance. That is the main thing to remember about them when getting one because it shapes their whole personality. They are becoming more popular as family pets, but many regret this decision later.

Huskies are an independent, very intelligent, and energetic dog breed that goes best with experienced owners. They are strong-willed but love to be a part of a pack. So, if you are not able to be the alpha, the dog will take that role and this can cause some problems. They do require someone to be the leader and as they are sled dogs, they work amazingly as a team member. In this article, we will be going over some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Siberian Husky.

They are extremely beautiful and wolf-like dogs, with a great color combination of the coat and commonly ice-blue eyes. Their coat is made to endure cold weather and snow, so they do have a thick undercoat. Their paws are also insulated and equipped with sharp claws perfect for digging. They get along with children and other pets, but they need constant stimulation and monitoring. Other dogs can be scared of them, probably because of the wolf-like appearance, but it is something worth mentioning.

Pros of Owning a Siberian husky

1. Beautiful

One of the main pros of Siberian Husky is its out-of-this-world beautiful look. They are one of the breeds that looks most like their wolf ancestors and that can be appealing to many.

They have lushes coat and piercing blue eyes, combined with a strong and athletic body. All of those qualities make Husky’s popularity grow over the years. They are by no means lap, companion dogs but if they are socialized and trained properly, they can accommodate almost every environment.

2. Intelligent

The Siberian husky is one of the smartest dog breeds on Earth, a big advantage of owning Siberian Huskies. They are bred to rely on their instinct and thinking, so they do know how to get things done. People had to count on them to assess the risky situations, and that led to developing this intelligent and independent trait in them.

But that doesn’t mean they are willing to listen to the owner. They can be so smart that they can accommodate the behavior to get what they want, depending on the person they are with at the moment. This is one of the reasons they do better with experienced dog owners.

3. Team player

Huskies are born team players because their survival depended on the pack. They are good family dogs, but not so good as guard dogs. They are just made to work as a team member, with a distinguished alpha.

They typically get along with everyone, including children and other animals. They just love to have a pack leader and they don’t appreciate being left alone.

Cons of owning a Siberian husky

1. Stubborn

With the great intelligence and the lack of desire to please owners Huskies are known as stubborn dogs. They are made to be independent and to think on their own, so following instructions and commands is not their forte.

Because of this, they can be a challenge to train, they will always search for a way to outsmart you. A potential con of Siberian Huskies is that they don’t feel the need to listen to humans and they are not considered obedient. They can be trained if you start early and have a sturdy attitude. Once again, a trait that not a lot of new dog owners have.

2. Health problems

Like most big dog breeds, Husky is prone to some health problems more than others. This includes:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia – or deteriorating of the cartilage, resulting in a painful and irreversible state.
  • Eye problems – juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy are all common in this breed.
  • Leukemia – cancer is the leading cause of death in older dogs, and Huskies live a pretty long life, thus suffer from many forms of cancer.
  • Immune system problems – especially bowel and digestive system problems

It is very important as with any purebred breed, to make sure your selected breeder is doing a proper job with the testing and selective breeding. This will change the price of one puppy, but will also potentially save you a lot of money for vet visits.

3. Grooming

Huskies are made for cold weather, and their winter and thick coat comes with a cost. Even though they are beautiful, they shed quite a lot and need brushing a few times a week, a major con of Siberian Huskies. They also have a full undercoat that protects them from cold, but can get matted if not groomed properly.

This can be a big commitment and a lot of time will be spent on grooming, so think carefully before you choose. Brushing almost daily, with diferent types of brushes will only keep them from shedding too much, you will still need to vacuum every day.

4. Vocalization

Huskies are not much of a barking dog, but they are vocal and love to state their opinion. This vocalization is mostly in form of howling and weird tones. This can be seen as an adorable way of communication, but can also be overbearing.

They love to “talk” to humans and mimic some tones, but some kind of noise will almost always come from them. Some owners are amused by it, but some will not put up with it.

5. Demanding physical stimulation

As this breed was made for running and as a working dog in extreme conditions, their desire to spend energy never left the breed. Even though they are now more popular as a family pet, their nature remained the same.

They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to thrive. A disadvantage of Siberian Huskies is that a walk on a leash is just not enough because their stamina is out of this world. They have a specific metabolism that makes it almost impossible for them to be too tired.

They crave all kinds of physical exercises, from running to fetching and thug of war. Be sure to have plenty of secured space for them to run and join them whenever you can.

6. Love to run away

Siberian husky is a loyal dog, who loves pack life, but there is one thing they love more and that is running free. They are so independent and fearless, that they will use every opportunity to run away. This can be devastating for the owner.

We mentioned you need a secured space for them to run, but that security has to be on the maximum level. High fences are nothing to them, some are known to dig a hole to run away, and some are even willing to endure the pain of an electric fence just to get on an adventure. There is no stopping it when wild nature calls.

7. Destructive

This breed is known for its intelligence and stamina. As we mentioned above, you need to be prepared to help them spend all of that energy, because if you don’t they will find a way to entertain themselves and release that somewhere else.

If not properly trained and stimulated, Huskies can and will become destructive, a huge con of Siberian Huskies. They love to chew on everything to relax, dig holes, run away or get themselves in all kinds of mischief. If the owner is often away or busy to entertain and train this breed, it’s advised to maybe opt for a less demanding dog.

The Husky is a strong and generally healthy breed that will be best suited for a family that has dogs and experience with large and independent breeds. Their intelligence and independent character will be a challenge for timid and new owners.


If you can keep up with its demands and endurance, and you have the will and the time to manage their wild nature, Huskies can be a lovely and long-living friend for your family. They love to participate in every family event and they will happily be a part of any pack.

I hope that this article on the pros and cons of Siberian Huskies was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Dog Category!

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