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Pug Price

Distinguished by their wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curly tail, Pugs are often described as dynamite in a small package. They’re sturdy, compact, and have a great sense of humor! Pugs have a glossy coat that is mostly brown or black, and although they’re relatively low-maintenance, they thrive on companionship and can be highly sensitive.

Pugs can be stubborn when they like, but they also have a playful, affectionate side and are considered a loving, easy-going breed. Because of their mouth shape, they struggle to deliver an aggressive bite, which puts them on a safer spectrum for children. Their intelligence and ability to learn quickly make them easy to train.

The average price for pugs is $1,000 – $2,500 with lower spectrum breed lines just below that, and the price of pugs from superior lineage will be on the higher end such as $2,500. Their cute appearance makes them a popular breed, and although they’re considered low-maintenance dogs, the yearly cost of owning a Pug doesn’t fit everyone’s budget.

Price of Pugs by Location

1. Dog Shelters

  • Average Cost: $300

If you want to adopt a Pug from a dog shelter, looking for one specializing in this breed is an excellent route to take. Although adoption is cheaper than buying a pug puppy, the shelter will still have expenses that need to be covered. Adoption isn’t always easy, and the process might take some time. Although this might seem discouraging, it’s a good sign. The price of pugs from dog shelters is around $300, which helps with the operating cost.

Shelters may require you to fill in application forms, do a home visit, and conduct interviews to establish if you’ll be a good home. Many shelters also run health checks on dogs first to ensure absolute transparency regarding any medical conditions the Pug might have.

Generally, the adoption process can take up to two weeks. Be patient and allow the shelter to get to know you as a pet owner. They take their job very seriously and want to ensure that their rescue pups are given loving homes. If a shelter does not take the adoption process seriously, you risk burning your fingers by ending up with a dog with various behavioral and medical conditions.

2. Craigslist

  • Average Cost: $800

Craigslist might seem like an appealing place to purchase pugs for various reasons like affordability, no waiting periods, or relatively few requirements from sellers. Although it’s a risky option, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure that you buy a well bred pugs from a reputable seller. The average price of pugs is $800 on Craigslist.

After the initial contact, ask the seller everything you feel you need to know about the Pug puppies they’re selling. This can be related to the breed line, the parents, medical history, the environment the pups were bred in, etc. Reputable sellers won’t mind the questions or answering them, so if the seller refuses, it’s a good sign that you should run.

Before purchasing pugs, you can request that a vet does a general check. Doing a home visit is also a good idea (take someone with you for safety), or you can arrange to meet the seller in a public place to see the puppy – like a dog park.

3. Community Groups

  • Average Cost: $2000

There’s usually someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who has puppies for sale on a community group. Other people in your area might also know breeders and point you in the right direction. Using community groups can be very useful not only to purchase a Pug but to find other Pug owners to befriend for social get-togethers for your dog or advice when you feel stuck.

Finding a seller through a community group is also less risky than buying a puppy from a total stranger through the internet. You might find other community members who have bought Pugs from a previous litter of the same seller you plan to buy from. If you do, you can ask them questions about their Pugs to gain information regarding their temper, health, or general behavior.

A rule of thumb when buying Pugs from non-certified breeders is that you should always request necessary information such as veterinarian cards of the parents, ask to do a home visit, and gather reviews from previous buyers.

Ongoing Costs of Having a Pug

1. Supplies

  • Average Cost: $400

Before you welcome your new puppy, there are a few things that need to be purchased. Having these supplies on hand will make the transition easier for you and your Pug. Prices for these supplies will vary based on your location, where you shop for them, and the quality or brand you choose.

Basic supplies that are needed include:

  1. Food and water bowls.
  2. A collar, leash, and dog tag.
  3. A dog bed or crate and cushion.
  4. A training pad, poop bags, and a scooper.
  5. Toys
  6. Care accessories such as toenail clippers, a brush, shampoo, and a tooth-brushing kit.
  7. A first-aid kit.

Although most of these items will only form part of your initial supply costs of having a pug, some things will need to be replaced and renewed as they wear out, are used up, or get damaged.

2. Recreational Costs

  • Average Costs: $25 per session

Pugs are very energetic dogs and will benefit from recreational activities like visiting dog parks or being taken for walks. For owners who have a busy schedule, hiring a dog-walker is a good way to ensure that their Pug gets the right amount of fresh air and exercise.

Hiring a dog walker to take your Pug on 30-minute walks per day will be adequate. You’ll find dog walkers in local ads, on community groups, and through apps. Walking your pugs through these apps can cost you around $25 per session.

If you have weekends free, you can take your Pug to a dog-friendly park where they’ll be able to socialize with other dogs, and people which are will be great for them since they’re good with strangers and love attention.

3. Travelling

  • Average Cost: $50 per day

When traveling for days or weeks, it’s best to take your Pug with you or leave it with friends, family, or a dog boarding service. Boarding services are generally available in all areas, and prices usually vary depending on the year’s time. You can also make use of pet sitting services. Whichever option you choose, make your booking in advance to get the best prices possible.

If you decide to leave your Pug with family or friends, be sure to pack some favorite toys and snacks. Choosing someone your dog already knows and have a relationship with will ease the emotional aspects of the separation for your pup.

Many airlines and train companies make special provisions for moving pets, and you’ll have to submit a request beforehand. Good planning is needed when you decide to travel with your Pug since many guesthouses or hotels don’t allow pets.

If you want to purchase a Pug, you need to understand that although they are affectionate, this breed can be independent and strong-willed. Besides this, they are noisy dogs, can be difficult to housetrain and are prone to a few health problems though they have a lifespan of 13 – 15 years.

Still, owning a Pug will bring you lots of joy. Originally bred to be kept by royalty in China, Pugs will bring a sense of majesty to your home through their behavior and personality. Pugs are considered a great combination of spunky, silly, cute, and lovable. Whether you’re a novice pet owner, have a family, or ride solo, a Pug puppy is sure to fit right into your life and heart.


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