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ragdoll kittens price

Wondering how this majestic breed got its name? If you ever held one of these cats, then you would know how relaxed and almost limp they get once picked up. Just like a rag doll, this big furry kitten will melt into your arms and take your heart with it.

Ragdolls cats are one of the youngest breeds and they are becoming more popular by the minute. The price for a Ragdoll kitten varies from $300 to $2,500. The price range is so big because of a few reasons, firstly depending on the breeder and secondly on the quality of the cat, as well as the region where you are buying.

If you want your Ragdoll cats to be just a pet, then the prices are lower. If the quality of the cat is higher and you buy the breeding rights, it will be more expensive. Ragdolls are still quite rare and breeding rights have to be purchased separately, or you have to spay or neuter your kitten (or sign a contract that you will do so, when the cat is old enough).

This pricey Ragdoll kitten comes with a lot of traits that will make you instantly fall in love. They are lovable, calm, and smart. They can be playful, but would rather cuddle with you and follow you around the house like a puppy. They are a big-boned and generally large breed, with soft and silky fur in various colors.

Price of Ragdoll Cats

1. Breeders

  • $300 – $2,500

Your best chance of getting high quality and healthy kitten is from a registered breeder. This cat is not cheap, and the average price of Ragdoll kittens goes from $300 to $2,500 depending on your state, breeder, and quality you choose. But be warned, low cost is usually a bad sign with most breeds.

It’s never a good idea to go for cheaper options, no matter how tempting they are, because it’s often a kitten with suspicious background regarding breed, quality, and potential health problems. Considering that this beauty is prone to heart complications, it’s vital that your breeder is doing all the precaution measures to prevent this from happening, including testing the litter.

Some Ragdolls are sold for the sole purpose of being in cat shows and they have to be spayed or neutered because you don’t have the right to produce more Ragdoll kittens. If you want breeding quality and the right to breed more Ragdolls, be prepared to pay a hefty amount for this feline.

Ongoing costs of Ragdoll Cats

1. Feeding costs

  • Costs – $30 per 7 pound food

This cat is not only beautiful to look at but comes with a temperament that is adored by many. This giant amongst cats can be double or triple the size of a regular cat and that means it will need a bit more food. Food choices for cats are various and it can be dry food, wet food, or homemade raw food.

If you want to feed your cat the nutritious food it needs to keep the coat silky and overall health at its best, you should consider high-quality food and brands. The price of feeding ragdoll cats can cost about $30 for a 7-lb bag for food made especially for this breed. Don’t buy commercial and filler filled foods even for a lower cost, because they won’t provide the right nutrition to your beloved feline.

You will also need to purchase food and water bawl averaging around $20, hopefully not as often. When choosing the right bawls for your new puppy-like kitten, preferably pick something sturdy and easy to wash. Stainless steel or even better glass bawls are the perfect way of making sure bacteria is not going to stick around and cause problems.

2. Toiletry costs

  • Costs: $70 – $240 per year

If you are a first-time cat owner, you may forget that most cats use a cat litter box and cat litter in it, to do their “business”. Some cats can be trained to go outside, if there are conditions for that, meaning that you have a backyard, fence, and live in a relatively warm climate.

The usual way to deal with a cat’s needs is by buying a cat litter box that can go anywhere from $4 for the simple design up to $100 for new and modern self-cleaning litter boxes. The cost of Ragdoll Cats for toiletry is estimated to be $70 – $240 annually. After that one time purchase, you will need the actual litter to fill the box up and change it accordingly.

3. Grooming costs

  • Costs: $0 – $500 a year

Ragdolls have a silky and long coat, that looks demanding but in reality, you can maintain it with regular brushing, a few times a week. There is a bit of undercoat that Ragdolls have and it’s best to pick the right tool for the job.

It’s recommended that Ragdolls are brushed with stainless steel comb that averages around $12. Since they are prone to mating, like most long coat animals, you should invest your time and effort with grooming and avoid the mess, especially with older cats that are not able to maintain their coat on their own.

There are nail clippers available for cats as well as for dogs, and this will cost you about $4 to $15, but before buying them, don’t forget that this breed is so gentle and loving, you might not need them at all. If you go to a professional groomer, the yearly grooming cost for your ragdoll cats will be $500 depending on how often you go to the groomer.

Ragdoll is one royal looking cat, with a luscious coat and piercing blue eyes. They are often referred to as puppies of the cat world, because of their attachment to the owner and the tendency to follow you everywhere you go. They are cuddly, relaxed, and easy-going giants that will get along with all family members and even other animals.

This cat breed is uncommonly big and looks even bigger because of its long coat, but they are gentle and as the name says like a ragdoll in your arms. They are prone to heart and lung disease, so choose your breeder carefully and maybe even consider paying a separate vet insurance for your regal feline, if you want to peacefully cuddle your new stress reliever cat for many years to come.


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