How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost? Price of Savannah Cats

Savannah Cat Price

Are you ready to go on the wild side of the cat population and take your chances with this unique cat breed? Savannah cat is the closest thing to a wild cat as you can get. With its amazing fur, big and lean body, this cat will occupy more than your living room.

Being one of the newest cat breeds in the world, Savannah cat was made by people in 1986, mixing the wild cat in Africa named Serval and domesticated cat. Considering that the mating process is hard and breeders are rare, this wild kitten will set you back thousands of dollars. Savannah is rated from F1, F2, F3, and so on, and that is simply put the generation number the cat is from. So, the first generation where the wild cat and domesticated cat are mixed is F1. The price for F1 Savannah kitten averages between $16,000 and $22,000. The price for other Savannah cat generations is a bit lower averaging from $1,000 to $4,000.

Savannah is one of the biggest cat breeds there is, not necessarily in weight, rather the height, and with this huge body comes a huge budget needed for it. Savannah doesn’t just look wild, it mostly is and behaves like it too. All though domesticated, this breed is illegal in few states, so check your laws before adopting one. The expensive price of the Savannah Cat is not the end of the raising story, this dog-like feline will need additional equipment to keep entertained and healthy.

Marked by a unique hissing voice, don’t be surprised if you get more than you asked for. This cat is intelligent, long-living, and healthy, mainly because it’s a new breed. Strangely, they love water and any kind of activity, which is something to consider before buying one, because this cat is no couch potato.

Price of Savannah Cats


  • Price: $4,000 – $22,000

Since the Savannah cats are so rare, it’s not unusual that only a few breeders around the world have Savannah kittens for sale. As mentioned above, Savannah is ranked by several numbers and F1 kittens are in the highest demand, sometimes years pass by before another is available for purchase. These kittens are extremely rare and the price is in correlation with that, averaging from $16,000 to $22,000 for F1 Savannah kittens.

Being careful about inbreeding and potential health problems, these kittens are not cheap even if they are not F1. Going for a whopping price of $4,000 for a Savannah cat. Litters are the smallest in the F1 group and get gradually bigger and cheaper.

Characteristic markings and overall wild look they have is a huge advantage, in regards to popularity, but this cat is certainly not for everyone. Savannahs are very active and social, and they do need quite a bit of workout to be entertained and less destructive.

Ongoing costs of Savannah Cats

1. Physical exercise

  • Cost: $15 – $50 for Equipment

Savannah cat is a type of breed that will not stand still or be in your lap for a very long time. Their wild nature is still present and the need to be active and move is a part of their personality. That means that you will have to invest in physical exercise, both your time and money.

Luckily, the so-called dog amongst the cats, Savannah cat can learn to walk on a leash that can come in handy while burning all that excess energy. The cost for a collar and leash is from $15 to $50 depending on the style and your preferences. The important thing is to teach your Savannah cat to the leash and harness from day one.

These cats prefer the company of humans, rather than being alone, and for you, that means that your time is going to be dedicated to your new pet, maybe even more than you imagined. They love to participate in any family activity and even get along with children who are old enough to play with them.

2. Vets

  • Cost: $500 – $1000 a year if you do regular checkups

One thing you will not have to worry about when owning a Savannah cat is the veterinary bills piling up. This is one of the healthiest breeds out there and visits to vets are rare and inexpensive. If you honor the regular checkups and vaccines which cost on average from $110 to $550, there will be no need for additional medication. So, the vet cost for Savannah cats should be around $500 – $1000 a year if you do regular checkups.

In case you want to be sure that your pricy Savannah kitten has the best care and you are not willing to rely on the fact that they are generally healthy, you can opt for pet insurance. This will set you back $10 to $40 per month, but your little four-legged wildling will be well taken care of even if there is an emergency.

3. Grooming

  • Costs: $30 – $70 per session

Savannahs have an amazing coat that comes in many color variations like black, brown, silver, and smoke with spots. This is a short-coated cat, which glistens in the sun and needs basic grooming.

That means you should invest in one high-quality brush for cats and use it for many years, the average cost goes from $15 to $30, and you should brush your furry pall twice a week. If you are concerned about the claws, you can cut them if you are very careful, with nail clippers that cost around $4 to $15.

Salons for cats are also a good option, where professional cat groomers take care of its coat, hygiene, and nails. However, the grooming cost for Savannah cats can be from $30 up to $70 per session. Considering that the Savannah cat is low maintenance, with little practice, patience, and care, you can do it on your own and save a few pennies.

Savannah cats are a handful that is for sure. Their wild nature gives them an amazing look, but potentially character that is hard to take care of, so Savannahs are not for everyone. It’s good to know that they are generally healthy and can accommodate all family members, even children.

Keep in mind that this rare and unique breed is hard to come by, and choose carefully your breeder, especially if you plan on participating in competitions with this beauty. They are intelligent, loyal, and perfect pets for outgoing, energetic, and patient people.


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