How Much do Tonkinese Cats Cost? Price of Tonkinese Cats

Tonkinese Cats Price

If you are looking for a cat breed that has the beauty and intelligence of a Siamese cat with the personality and affection of a Burmese cat, the Tonkinese might just be the right cat for you. This playful, vocal, and beautiful cat got its name from the Tonkin region in Indochina. It’s muscular and heavier than it looks, with many variations in colors of the coat and eyes.

The Tonkinese or Tonk is an older breed, combining the characteristics of her ancestors to make the perfect pet for the right family. This kitten can be found with licensed breeders and the price of Tonkinese Cats goes from $500 to $1,200. Since this breed is very social, it’s even recommended that you get two Tonks to keep each other company and stay out of trouble caused by boredom.

The Tonkinese is a lean feline, with almond-shaped eyes that come in few color variations, most known for the aqua color version, mesmerizing and beautiful. Their fur comes in four colors: natural, platinum, blue, and champagne and it’s easy to groom, without much shedding. This peculiar cat also holds the world record in the number of kittens in one litter, an outstanding nineteen kittens.

Price of Tonkinese Cats by Source

1. Breeders

  • Cost: $500 – $1,200

This vocal and people-loving cat’s popularity is constantly rising, especially for people who love the Siamese’s aesthetics but not so much the demanding personality. All though vocal and outgoing, these Tonkinese cats are not overbearing like some Siamese can be. The Burmese part did its role in calming the breed down and allowing it to be more family-friendly.

With a life span of 14 to 16 years, the choice of the right kitten is an important task for the whole family. They are not just as playful as young but remain active well into their old age. The cost of these little Tonkinese kittens will be somewhere between $500 and $1,200 depending on the region and breeder. Also consider buying two Tonkinese cats at once, if your budget allows it.

Being one of the most intelligent of all the cats, and always ready to play, this cat will need a companion for most of the day. If you are out of the house for the majority of the time, investing in one more kitten may be just right for you and your cat family.

Ongoing Costs of Maintaining Tonkinese Kittens

1. Physical exercise

  • Cost: $50 – $200

As mentioned above, Tonkinese cats are one of the most energetic, even though they won’t mind occasional sitting in your lap. Keeping this in mind, try to entertain your feline friend from day one, to avoid destructive behavior.

Investing in one more kitten is a good option, but if you are not up to it there are many more solutions. Since this cat has practically no defense mechanism, they should be kept only inside. What that means for you is buying high-quality scratch poles and toys.

Scratching poles are a good option for indoor cats that provides them with many stimulations such as scratching and sharpening their nails, but also a good place to be high above the ground like most cats love. Basic scratching pole costs around $20 with the price going as high as $400 for a more elaborate design that looks like a tree.

Tonkinese cats are one of those breeds that can be trained like a dog and even are willing to bring back toys and play hide and seek, with animals and humans. This can be a fun activity to occupy your Tonk, so think about buying some interactive toys like balls, mice, and similar. Buying toys for your Tonkinese cats can cost you from $3 to $20 depending on the toy.

2. Grooming costs of Tonkinese Cat

  • Costs: $20 – $50 for Brushes

The Tonkinese cat has a short and silky coat, that doesn’t shed too much and requires weekly brushing and an occasional bath. They are pretty easy to work with because of their friendly temperament so this won’t be a huge chore. Vacuuming on the other hand can be if you don’t brush this feline regularly.

Investing in a silicone bristle brush when the cat is still young is a good choice, to introduce them to grooming and make sure that the brush is gentle enough for kittens. The usual price for silicone brushes is $3 to $13 depending on the style and preference. Later, as the cat gets older, you can buy a high-quality brush for short-coated cats averaging around $15.

Generally, this cat breed is healthy, strong, and long-living with no major health problems. There is a slight chance of forming gingivitis so dental care is a must with this furball. Brushing their teeth at least a few times per week will save you a lot of trouble and money for vet visits. Investing in a $3 to $6 toothbrush is a wise choice if you have the patience and dedication.

3. Opportunity Cost of the owner’s time

Can you put a price tag on your time spent with your pet? Tonkinese is one of the most social breeds of cats out there, and it’s a good choice for someone who is mainly at home. The cost of spending time with your Tonkinese kittens varies by owner. Usually, cats are for people who want a pet but don’t have the time that is required for let’s say dogs, so they opt for the independent cat.

This breed is extremely loveable and cute but doesn’t like to be alone and bored. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get two Tonks, then it would be wise to consider getting an animal they go well with and plenty of entertainment. Otherwise, you will have to rush home and spend some quality time with this social butterfly that likes to supervise every event in the house and even talk about it.

All that being said, Tonkinese is one of the most beautiful, smart, and interactive cats out there that will complete any home. They love the company and playtime, as well as lying on the couch, purring away, which makes them a perfect pet for the right family.

If you invest a bit of time and commitment to this charming feline, you will be rewarded with a longtime friend and companion. You will be entertained and relaxed, all on the same day just as the Tonk is.


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