Where to buy a Dog in India?

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It seems you have decided which dog breed will be suitable for you, and the next question that comes to your mind is where to buy it from? There are plenty of places where you can buy a puppy of your choice. Plenty of places includes both good and bad places. Now the question arises on how to differentiate between a good place and a bad place. This could be an important topic if you’re planning to buy a healthy and happy pup.

It is important because your dog’s temperament and future health totally depend on where you buy it from. Puppies from the bad places are mostly sick and looking after an ill puppy can be distressing and expensive, and that’s a thing you want to avoid.

Major Markets for buying a Dog

As mentioned before, deciding where to buy a dog is a major decision. So let’s have a look at the list of places from where you can buy a dog in India.

  • Commercial Dog Breeders
  • Dog Retailers
  • Rescue Groups and Animal Shelters
  • Home Dog Breeders

Just keep in mind, anyone who has a female dog and allows her to have a litter is a dog breeder. Even if It is temporarily or by passion, he is still considered as a dog breeder. People from any of these categories may advertise to sell their puppies for sale online.

This surely looks confusing, doesn’t it? Let’s make it simple. For you to differentiate between good and bad places, I have divided this list into two parts. So let’s have a closer look at these categories and go into more details.

Places to Avoid

There are many places that you should avoid buying from. This category includes all the bad places we talked about, and These are the places you want to avoid. Let’s learn more about this in detail.

Puppy Mills and Puppy Farms

Puppy Mills are establishments that breed puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane. In simple words, puppy mills are places where puppies are bred in awful conditions just for profit. It is a place where a female dog has the sole purpose of producing puppies for sale.

India is the fastest-growing pet market in the world, and due to that, demand for animals rises as well. Being Indians, we prefer things which are the cheapest, so where could we find a dog at the lowest price? Of course, puppy mills. That’s the reason why puppy mills are so popular in India. To meet the demands of the buyer, breeders build up puppy mills and farms.

Breeding and raising a dog is cheaper at puppy mills; it saves them the import and other overhead costs. Also, no proper medical attention or vaccine is given to puppies; the quality of the food fed to the pups is by far the worst. The condition they live in is horrifying. Around 8-10 puppies live in a single wired cage without any proper care and attention, this could lead to many skin problems.

Taking good quality puppy care is time-consuming, and in business, time is money. Puppies don’t stand a chance to socialize and create a bond with humans, and this leads to many behavioral problems. If you’re looking for a healthy and happy puppy, you’re not going to get one here.

Please stop buying puppies from puppy mills; if people don’t buy anything from such places, then it will shut down by itself. Only you could stop this and save those poor puppies from being in such conditions.

You can watch this video of a puppy mill to get an idea of how horrible these places are:

Pet Stores

By now you are entirely against puppy mills, but pet stores aren’t that good either. Most of the puppies sold at pet stores come from puppy mills and farms since they’re cheaper and easy to buy in bulk. Before you buy a cute puppy from the pet store, let’s have a look at some downsides of the pet stores.

As I said before, most of the pets in the pet store come from puppy mills, and due to that, the health conditions of the puppies aren’t the best. They may inherit diseases like eye problems, neurological problems, blood disorders, skin infections, hip dysplasia, canine parvovirus, and many more from their ill-treated parents. Clearly, you want to avoid that because taking care of such puppies could be expensive and distressing.

Also, they suffer from many behavioral problems, and such issues can be challenging to solve. They suffer from these problems because the staff of the pet stores is not trained on how to deal with behavior issues, so the puppy will keep on doing the wrong things, which can become a habit in the future.

Puppies in pet stores often spend their short lives in cages, and they always have this instinct to get out of the cage and run far away. This instinct can stay with them forever and later can lead to problems like running away from their owners. As puppies in pet stores are brought from puppy mills, they are poorly socialized. These pups are separated from their litter at a far too young an age, so they are not able to develop basic canine skills.

I would personally recommend not to buy puppies from pet stores because by doing that you’re only giving money to the puppy mills. If you’re planning to buy a puppy from a pet store, then please make sure to find your pup doesn’t belong to a puppy mill.

Dog Retailers

Dog retailers are no different from puppy mills. What they do is buy puppies from a puppy mill or farm at a low price and later sell them at a higher price to make a profit. Just like the puppy mills, no proper care and attention are given to the pups. They only act as dog agents, buying an animal from one place and selling it to another. I wouldn’t say all the dog retailers buy pups from puppy mills, some even purchase puppies from breeders, but they just do it for a passion or a hobby since not much profit can come out of this.

You can find dog retailers in the markets and malls, but most retailers prefer selling online. I would personally recommend not buying puppies online since most of the retailers sell pups from puppy mills, and you would be promoting such practices by purchasing a puppy. Even the KLC certificate and all the documents provided online are fake. Please avoid buying from a retailer or online store because no rescue dogs or dogs for adoption are sold online; instead, the only puppy from mills and farms are sold.

Where to Buy a Puppy?

If you’re planning to buy a healthy and happy puppy, this upcoming list will help you decide where to buy it from. As we have seen all the bad places you want to avoid, let’s hop on to good places now. You can get a well socialized and healthy dog who will not waste your money or emotions, just follow our top quality puppy buying tips.

Rescue Groups and Animal Shelters

Buying a puppy from a rescue group or an animal shelter is the best thing you can do. Giving a homeless puppy his new home and family could be the greatest gift of his life. Adopting a puppy is the best way to go since you’re getting a healthy and happy puppy as well as you’re giving that puppy a new life.

Animal shelters and rescue groups are nothing but home to the homeless dogs like the dogs who were lost, abandoned, or surrendered; it also includes stray dogs. The whole staff working at these places are professional doctors and pet caretakers. They take excellent care of each and every pet, like giving proper vaccines and medication and providing good quality food. All the dogs and puppies at the animal shelter and rescue groups are well socialized with humans and animals as well.

Also, they are well trained by the professionals, and Important training sessions like obedience training, crate training, potty training, and much more are already well known to the pups and dogs.

Also, people say, animal shelters and rescue groups have no varieties of breeds, or they never find a kind they want, but it’s not at all true. Instead, I would say animal shelters and rescue groups has even more collection of dogs and puppies than any pet store or puppy mill. Around 6-8 million animals wind up at the shelters every year, out of which 25% are pure breeds. Shelters and rescue groups include not only pure breeds but also designers and hybrids, which you cannot find in a pet store or puppy mill.

There’s also a matter of money. You might be thinking well since they’re taking such good care, the prices would be skyrocketing your budget, but that’s wrong. In fact, it will cost you a lot lesser than any pet store, breeder, puppy mill or even a puppy acquired for free since once you add all the expenses like vaccinations, microchip, deworming sessions, neuter/spay surgery, and all the other extras included in your adoption fee its less than the price of the puppy.

At last, I would recommend adopting from animal shelters and rescue groups because why not? You can give our poor furry friends a new life and a home.

Reputable Dog Breeders

If you’re looking for a healthy, pure breed, breeders are the best option for you. Surely some shelters and rescue groups will have such pure breeds as well, but the quality of the dog found at a breeder is a lot different. By breeders, I just don’t mean all breeders because not all breeders are like that, some breeders even buy pups from puppy mills and farms.

To avoid such scams, you first have to approach a national breed club for your dog and ask for reputable breeder referrals. Later contact the breeder and if he has the puppy you need, you can ask for pedigree information and registration documents of your puppy to make sure that the puppy is not from any mill or farm. But keeping that aside, there are some reputable and responsible breeders as well who take excellent care of animals and would be ready to help you in any way possible.

Being a breeder in India doesn’t pay much, so most breeders just do it for passion or hobby, or unless they have a dog and just want a single puppy, so they sell the rest of the litter. Being an excellent caretaker, they also provide perfect vaccines and medications; also, the food is of top quality to keep the puppy healthy, but most importantly, they don’t get separated from its litter before 13 weeks and due to that, they can develop critical canine skills.

Buying a puppy from a reputable breeder can be a little expensive since they are selling you a pure breed; also, they take such good care and all the other extra charges get included in the fees. But it’s worth it since you will get all the information you need about your breed and the breeder will be available to help you throughout your dog’s life. You also get to meet your pup’s parent and see what your puppy might look when grown-up, also you can check if the parents suffer from any health problems that can bother your puppy in the future. Even pedigree information and registration documents will be given to you by the breeder himself. They can also recommend a vet that can be perfect for your breed.

At last, if you’re ready to spend some money, then I would recommend a breeder; otherwise, you can always adopt from a shelter or a rescue group. I’m sure your furry little friend will provide you a lifetime of happiness.

Final Thoughts

Raising a puppy is a decade long commitment, and enjoy this journey, consider getting a good quality puppy even if it costs a couple of thousands more. By the way, if you have still not selected a dog breed consider going through our list of 32 dog breeds with price in India.

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